Thank You: What Jamari Fox is Thankful For

ya know,
today wasn’t so dreaded after all.
it actually went by like any other day.
i stayed in bed,
watched video games,
and updated the foxhole.
i couldn’t ask for a better day.
i would like to take time to give thanks.
i don’t do that enough.
there is a ton of positives that do happen in my life.
for instance,
i’m thankful for…

my life would mean nothing without my faith.
i’m not a bible thumper.
i don’t claim that role.
i recognize and appreciate everything God has done,
and replaced in my life..
i have a roof over my head,
food in my fridge,
and more luxuries than i can count.
without him,
and my angels,
i am nothing.

my family and friends.
the ones who stand with me and support me.
jamari fox is not for everyone,
but i am for the ones who stick around.
i’m thankful that i am blessed with friends of years.
i don’t hop in and out of friendship.
once i’m with you,
i’m there.
they’re all like the sisters and brothers i always wanted.
i appreciate everyone who is in my life.

the foxhole.
you guys make my days go by so much better.
thank for tuning in and supporting me through the good and bad.
i know i can be a mess sometimes,
but it’s real love when you rescue me out of my dark places.
i love you all.

this year.
it has been tough,
but it continues to contribute in making me stronger.
i shed a lot of tears this year.
i got broken down something terrible,
but there has been some good times as well.
my fur is getting thicker and i’m becoming a better fox.
without all the trails and tribulations this year brought,
i wouldn’t be able to know what blessings feel like.
it also made me realize what is important and to always demand respect.
i consider everything that happened as training for whats to come.

i am also thankful for good health,
my finances being under control,
and keeping my house in order.
now ima turn it to the foxhole…

What are you thankful for?


i’d love to hear it!

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9 thoughts on “Thank You: What Jamari Fox is Thankful For”

  1. I am thankful that God is truly who His Word says that he is. I’m for my family and friends. I am even truly thankful for my enemies, my haters, and the naysayers because they make me better in many ways. I’m thankful for life, health, strength, and being closed in my right mind. Last but in no way least, I am thankful for you and your willingness to be open and honest and share your life and your thoughts with the world.

  2. I’m thankful for: my friends that have supported and stood by me during this difficult year; my family for showing me that they will continue to have faith in me when I thought they would lose it; my health (mental, physical, and emotional) for sustaining and remaining in balance; and last but not least, God, for bestowing the needed comfort, guidance, and reassurance in spite of the myriad of obstacles, letdowns, and uncertainty that I have faced this year. N thank you for this forum that allows positive, uplifting escapism and realize that we are all on a journey.

  3. I am soo thankful for God for always looking out for me. Keeping a roof over my head.I am grateful that my finances are getting better. My job. My immediate family that loves me even when I feel at times I don’t deserve it. I am grateful for my spiritual growth and my growth as a human being. I am grateful for getting older in age and younger in spirit. I am so grateful for people coming into my path to teach me things about myself to help me to heal me to heal and grow. I am grateful for a brighter future. I am grateful for 2017. The year for beginnings for me. I am grateful for realizing that I am worthy of love regardless of my past. I am grateful for me realizing my true potential. I am grateful to be healed from my low self esteem. I am grateful for my future husband and child ( That is coming into my life). I am grateful for blogs and websites like Jamari Fox. Because of him sharing his life and struggles, help me realize that I am not alone in my thinking. I am grateful that at the age of 47 years old, I realize my life is just beginning.

  4. Blessed and broken , God always ,uses those people ,because your rewards are always with you ,even if you do not see them, blessed and broken and so very loved by god.

  5. I’ve been depressed and negative as of late but I’m thankful for God knowing I can talk to him anytime and not be judged All the blessings in my life, my family friends, and everyone in between. I have a car it might not be the newest but I can get from point A to Point B fine.

    I’m not feeling my job anymore but still blessed to have one. I get down really hard on myself about the way I look, sound, and my life a lot but I know there are people who would trade places with me in a second.

    Lastly I’m thankful for You Jamari and this place you have created for us. You come on here showing us your true self no matter what. Your posts have helped me and many more and for that I would like to say Thank you.

  6. I am thankful to God that I had the opportunity to talk to my family about my sexuality. It may not be much or a big deal for some, but for me it is. Coming from a Caribbean family that pretty much have a mentality that is anti-gay, it was good to talk to them about me being gay. Summer of last year, I came out and every subsequent family gathering we had thereafter, it always felt awkward. I was the elephant it in room. No one would broach the subject or they would avoid saying homophobic things they used to say before they knew I was gay. Last night, a FaceTime call changed that and we had an hours long conversation that was at times contentious but not disrespectful, demeaning or homophobic. I am thankful because I am fortunate to have a family to even discuss the topic of my sexuality with. Many don’t have that because their family have disowned from the time they knew they are one of “us”. I came away feeling more loved and appreciated since summer of last year.

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