i woke up feeling chill today.
i think it’s the anticipation of these holidays.
i decided to control my mind and ignore the “fear” of it all.
i woke up and decided to take another nap because why not?
blackout curtains stay keeping my room like it’s midnight at noon.
after a day of light cooking and a lot of video games,
i came to this thought about this rona thanksgiving

There is a lot to be thankful for even if sucks at the moment.

i am pretty healthy and alive.
this year has been a weird one,
but it has helped me to grow and glo’ up in many ways.
even though i’m currently unemployed,
i’m continuously thankful to afford my bills and the roof over my head.
i’m surrounded by great friends,
some family,
and the associates that have stuck around in my life.
the biggest thing tho:


we have all gotten much closer and have leaned on each other.
the foxhole has literally kept me sane.

so even though the rona has ruined most of our plans for this holiday,
we have a lot to be grateful for!


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “HAPPY THANKFUL 4 U DAY!”

  1. Clearly I do not know how to use the comments section on this site. You are so welcomed in our hearts. The topics you cover resonate with more people than you realize. You are so professional! I have followed you for a while. Keep doing what you do.

  2. Jamari, your writing has touched so many of us, you’re truly a very special gifted person. Keep being you, and don’t let anyone make you feel not important or less than. I’m thankful for you, for doing what you do, take care buddy.

  3. We’re thankful for you. There’s no one like Jamari Fox and your voice is needed and appreciated. Happy Thanksgiving to you, sir.

  4. Hey Jamari, I believe in private holiday greetings but Gmail is being evil. I haven’t been able to login even though it’s the right password. Raggedy. Anyway, your website is a beacon for us Black gays and we appreciate more than you can know. The pawprints alone show how many lurkers there are getting their fix. You won’t be the Black TMZ. You are THE Jamari Fox. Don’t compare. Many bloggers have come and gone. You’re still here. cue Beyonce’s I Was Here

    Love and light to you forever.

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