how much millis did they pay wayne for this photo op with trump because ummerrahhh…

oh wayne…
remember when cash money was everything?
every artist on the label was pumpin’ out hits.
remember when they were all on this with “young money“:

my fav wayne album will always be carter 3.
the memories that album brings back >>
well in 2020,
wtf is this…

met with trump…
to talk about criminal reform

you know whaaaaaaattttttttttttttt?
maybe he was so high,
he thought he was actually standing next to biden?
i refuse to believe this.
is there a shotgun is pointed at wayne off-camera?
and why is trump eatin him up in that photo?
i have questions.
i guess this is the answers:

not jay with the “maybe” tho:

x see the full document here

i guess since we are around the bend of the election,
all the antics are being pulled out of every hat.
i didn’t see this one coming.

lowkey: i mean,
if trump is gonna try to get a pineapple to cosign,
get someone who is relevant and drug-free.

12 thoughts on “how much millis did they pay wayne for this photo op with trump because ummerrahhh…

  1. I’m not sure if you missed the video of Lil Wayne being asked about “Black Lives Matter,” but he basically says only his life matters to him. (The man has how many kids, OK? Their lives don’t matter?) He goes on to talk about being a millionaire and how a Yt person is interviewing him, which to him says it all. It’s pathetic. You know the minute his ass gets in trouble though he’ll be begging for Black people’s support. I just can’t with Negroes like this.

    BTW, I do get the criticism of supporting only one party and of Biden, but when one party’s leader is basically a wannabe dictator who flouts all the laws, lies even beyond what most politicians do (Donny lies about everything!), and oversees a government failure like his murderous response to Covid-19 that has led to disproportionate levels of Black people dying, I think it’s basically criminal to defend or support a person like this. And his party is right behind him too. They openly brag about taking away your right to vote and your vote. GTFOH!

  2. Like we gonna follow there lame ass there rich poor people out here would be a dam fool bye trump ya fat racist bitch

  3. This is Lil’ Wayne we are talking about, no alarm here. He need the publicity more than Trump does.

      1. Have you heard his last album, that is not worth streaming even if I was in a quarantined line for hell.

          1. Um no. Magas don’t listen to NIGGERS. They are gun-toting and country loving music folks. They are more the Taylor Swift audience than Lil Creature. Ask Kanye West. And, I want Black folks to cancel him, Ice Cube, and Kanye West like they did with Chrisette Michele. She just sang at the inaugural. They make excuses for Kaney: His Crazy. They make excuses for Ice Cube: He down, just misunderstood. Now, Lil Wayne will be “He was on lean all month and out of his mind.” Now, let Little Nas X or any Black gay performer support Trump; we would be faggot, weak punk niggas, ass licking niggas that want to be bitches, and so forth. Black gay men and women get vilified. At the same time, these ignorant rappers keep destroying our community. Wayne’s dumb ass can’t differentiate between the White cop that allegedly saved him and the bad cops that dominate the system. He reportedly stated the Black cops walked over him, and I am sure they would do it again. And, now I understand why. They saw his worthlessness.

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