flashman wade gets his big cake eaten for the first time on camera

*the following is rated XXX
viewer discretion is strongly advised.

i’m often curious when a vixen tells me they ate some straight wolf’s tail.
the question of cleanliness always pops into my mind.
males stop wiping even the highligher keeps marking the paper.
one vixen told me she makes sure he takes a bath first.
a bath?!?!?!
so wait…

He just wiped the outside real good?
What about the inside?

that’s where all the drama lies.
one wrong tongue thrust and it’s shit faced city.
flashman wade won’t ever convince me he never had his tail munched on before.
with a tail like that,
that’s usually part of the foreplay.
sooooooooooo we’re in luck!
 a foxholer sent me his first time getting his tail eaten and well…



what a dainty way to eat someone’s groceries.
all that looking in the camera and pause shit.
you are literally supposed to annihilate his hole with your mouth.
lift him up,
arch that back,
and suck his dick and balls while you’re back there.

if it’s his first time then he’s supposed to be moaning for his mama,
seeing his ancestors,
and contemplating buying you something nice for taking him to another dimension.
he might need a male to do it next time.
i’m sure malik joseph has an opening.

x learn how to clean the booty before a feast here

x how to have him howling at midnight feasting on that booty

guys and gals,
don’t bite anyone’s peach before you read first.


34 thoughts on “flashman wade gets his big cake eaten for the first time on camera

  1. I think he is gay and visiting Rhyheim house like someone else stated it’s a whore house. He got that ass ate while there and possibly got fucked!!

  2. If I had paid to see this I would be hoppin’ MAD as hell! What exactly was she supposed to be doing? She assumed the people watching this would be into her so she made it about her. And she had no clue what she was supposed to do. I’d want my money back. And from what I peeped of his booty hole….. It looks like someone’s been ballz deep more than a few times…. or is it just me?

      1. lol No babes, Not my type (as far as personality goes). I’m much more turned on by a gay or bisexual man that owns his sexuality and is comfortable with how he moves through life (these streets). no wishful thinking here. But good push back.

  3. He is a such a sham 🙄. I can’t with him. “I never done this before.” Boy puhleeze. And all that moaning for what? She wasn’t doing a damn thing and he’s all “Oh my God”What an entire clown smdh he knows damn well… oh never mind. Lol 🤦🏾‍♂️

  4. Horrible. She was as clueless as her surgeon. Rhyheim obviously did it he should’ve shown that.

  5. He know dam well his ass been ate before lord knows hes gay what a nice ass that bitch wasted it I should’ve been there

  6. i hate to be one of those gay men that seems like i hate women but sorry, the females always ruin it. She literally would lick once, pull back and smile, lick again, pull back and smile. Just fucking eat it. Like you gotta adjust yourself between each & every lick. He’d really be moaning if i was tongue stabbing that asshole.

  7. Damn I would eat that asshole until my 👅 was sore lol. But first I would bring the fleet, and some vanilla extract.

  8. I must be in the minority but I just don’t see anything special about him. Never have and never will do I find him appealing.

  9. I’m totally not interested in this. When he gets with a man where he and his male partner suck each other’s dicks and eat each other out, then get back at me.

  10. I don’t know if he’s really dumb, in denial, or thinks we’re all idiots regarding his sexuality, but he’s a genius when it comes to gaining clout. I doubt he’s making bank, but he keeps his name out there. I see this dude getting a reality show on a major network (a la that family in Calabasas) sometime in the near future. We really can’t knock this guy’s hustle (whatever the fuck it is lol).

    As for shorty eating that ass, I told yall before that the “attractive” ones is freaks (male and female), so I’m sure she didn’t mind the sour odor or the dingleberries. I’m sure they’re both undetectable/on PrEP and COVID free!

  11. PUHLEASE..Flash Man Wade is one drama queen…I am willing to bet my weight in gold but his little visit to Rhyheim Shabazz home was not squeaky clean – not saying Rhyheim smashed ti but someone tasted that ass. Ain’t no one going to that whore house and come back untouched ,,,DWRCL….!!

    That Hoe cant eat ass- he needs a MAN to give him that treat which again I am sur he has already experienced

  12. He comfortable because its been done before but he uncomfortable its a woman. That body language giving it all away. He gets hard around dudes but soft with females, thats a dead giveaway he not into women.

  13. Watching girls eats ass is never my favorite. They don’t be doing it right. Same when they be using strap-ons on dudes. Like, just leave it to the men. Lol.

  14. mannn I was following this at ass dude on OF. He posted a vide with green shit in his crack! Even after people saying things he still didn’t take it down! After I finished throwing TF I UNSUBSCRIBED!

      1. I need your help with a model you have covered on here before. He is columbian, white, and black with big lips. He has made videos showing his dick and ass. Do you remember his name? He has a girlfriend and a child, if that helps. Also, if you can remember him, can you give us an update on him?

  15. Yeah sis was playing. Tryna be cute and shit

    And I really hope he properly cleaned his ass. He good for leaving tissue in his crack Lmao

    1. ^omg nooooooooooooooooooooo….

      there was another onlyfans guy who spread his cheeks and shit was in it too.
      the virgo moon in me could NEVER.

        1. ^ like,
          how does one upload a video after having shit crumbles in their ass?
          that would be an insta do over.
          shits gross af and shows the type of person that is.

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