ladies should be anal about munching on mud pies served by straight males


they should be about eating booty.
you know some straight wolves love serving dirt with their cake.
according to ( x mto ),
they still seem to be doing it in 2023.

the thought alone gives me night terrors.
this is what some of ya’ll get following these ratchet hoes.
 sukihana even got the pause:

come to daddy jamari and please read carefully

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flashman wade gets his big cake eaten for the first time on camera

*the following is rated XXX
viewer discretion is strongly advised.

i’m often curious when a vixen tells me they ate some straight wolf’s tail.
the question of cleanliness always pops into my mind.
males stop wiping even the highligher keeps marking the paper.
one vixen told me she makes sure he takes a bath first.
a bath?!?!?!
so wait…

He just wiped the outside real good?
What about the inside?

that’s where all the drama lies.
one wrong tongue thrust and it’s shit faced city.
flashman wade won’t ever convince me he never had his tail munched on before.
with a tail like that,
that’s usually part of the foreplay.
sooooooooooo we’re in luck!
 a foxholer sent me his first time getting his tail eaten and well…

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cum eat this and i’ll reward you greatly.

even during quarantine,
ya’ll still getting your work out on.
i think you for providing all of that eye candy and meat for our viewing pleasure.
i got a question for the foxhole tho.
so you know how they sending 1200 in trump checks next week?
well what if you could get a bonus 3500?
if you did this

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tripp ali teaches straight males how to get the cake 8

tripp ali is one of my crushes.
he looks like he would kill me tho.
( x see the killing )
so as you know,
or didn’t,
tripp has a youtube channel called “tripper plugged“.
he currently has 13.2k subscribers.
well a foxholer alerted me on a new video he made.
it’s called:

“5 Ways To Get 8 Like Cake If You Straight”

and well…

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Eat My Horse Shit (At The Philly Riots)

*the following story is gross.
viewer discretion is strongly advised.

there is a quote in one of my favorite movies that i love.
it was from “two can play that game” and auntie viv said it.
it was something along the lines of:

“why are you in your own house tearin’ up your own shit?
you should be at his house tearin’ up his shit.
you can leave and go home.”

that’s how i feel about what was going down in philly last night.
i know ya’ll won the superbowl,
but did you have to destroy your own shit?
a foxholer sent me a video that disturbed me to the core.
some hyena was out there legit eating horse shit.
a whole horse dump buffet in those forests.
this is what i was sent
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Its A Rat Eat Rat World


you know its bad when the rats in new yawk gotta eat each other…
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