cum eat this and i’ll reward you greatly.

even during quarantine,
ya’ll still getting your work out on.
i think you for providing all of that eye candy and meat for our viewing pleasure.
i got a question for the foxhole tho.
so you know how they sending 1200 in trump checks next week?
well what if you could get a bonus 3500?
if you did this


i think i could get through the big macs,
but those sodas would be a killa.
id have to drink them last because they would fill me up.
i wonder if it counts if i vomit after?
i would be so damn bloated.
i haven’t eaten mcdonalds in years so that would violate my whole system.
easy 3gs i’d ever make tho.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “cum eat this and i’ll reward you greatly.”

  1. If only i was a mesomorph like the guy in that picture and burned through those calories flat, we got a deal! But i’m a endomorph so I don’t mind a cheat meal and getting back on that high horse.

  2. That’s a heart attack waiting to happen. Thousands of grams of sodium, carbs and etc… Nope i wouldn’t lol

  3. 90 mins? Please.That’s not even a question. You might as well hand that money over right now. I was expecting like bugs and crap on it.

  4. Nah Iโ€™m good, I literally can go a whole day and forget I havenโ€™t eatin (totally not good I know) my appetite has always been small, eating that much would kill my ass

  5. That $3500 would be in my account in less than 20 minutes. Lmao

    And J, thatโ€™s not Big Macs. Lol.

  6. People are acting like every citizen gets a check. I wonโ€™t be getting one although I paid taxes last year. It should be for everyone not just certain incomes.

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