famous namus aka quinn almighty comes through with the self cancel? (one less “onlyfans” to subscribe to)

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life is crazy,
but i went down the rabbit hole after this tweet about summer walker this morning:

folks on socials,
including people i know,
have been killing what makes them mysterious during this quarantine.
the attentionistos being 95% of them.
95% of these males ruin their sex appeal once they start talking.
so remember ( x this one )?
it was s’all good when famous namus aka quinn almighty was showing off that fat ass of his.
a foxholer sent me him showing off that big mouth

i guess all the gay rumors made him become homophobic?
this coming from the same person whose “career” is based off his ass?















weird flex
but okay.
does he think straight vixens are his main fan base?
doing shit like this on camera for money?


the only thing i wanted to see was his ass contracting while fuckin’,
but he isn’t that appealing for me to stick around further.

i love when they self cancel themselves.

low-key: i told ya’ll in that last entry he needed to stop talking.
he was ruining my buzz.

 i “be” knowing.
we need to let these folks prove themselves before we put on capes.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

32 thoughts on “famous namus aka quinn almighty comes through with the self cancel? (one less “onlyfans” to subscribe to)”

  1. He’s so proud of his ignorance and homophobia that he felt perfectly safe with making a video to memorialize it to the world ……….FOREVER.

    Think about that for a moment. He’s so confident that his followers will not cancel him for his obvious phobia that he made a video mocking gay men and wants YOU to see it…..

    Sadly, gay men will still support him and legions of other homophobic clowns like him. Enjoy.

    1. Heck that may turn some gay men on. For one it’s obvious he’s closeted as fuck. Poor girl. If he had the support structure he’d be a ballroom queen.

      Some gay men are obsessed with straight men and are turned on by homophobes. Some gay find homophobia acceptable because their family is homophobic. I think a few gay men will cancel him but most won’t.

  2. So he had to try n prove he’s soo str8 thst he had to makes video to try n convince himself n others thst hrs str8. Zig he’s str8 he doesn’t need to try n prove it. He sounds just as stupid as they come

  3. SMFH… this quarantine thing is killing a lot of people both literally and psychologically. Now here is this narcissist hoe who loves showing his ass clearly to cater to his gay followers and then wants to have his cake and eat it and talk filth not from his ass but from his mouth.

    I have never been one that find these MF attractive so he’s really not speaking to me

  4. Yall thirst over the most random ass individuals and get mad when they let u know the obvious…..Stop getting your feelings hurt over random ass thots on social media. I see niggas that look 10 times better then him playing in the bball gym or going to Walmart lmao

    1. This…AWL of this!!! But the gays will never learn. They’ll keep forking over their hard-earned coin to men who would spit on them if they were on fire….

      1. Right people saying CANCEL!! I’m like this dude is so basic and dusty looking…any hint of masc or muscle would do for these Queens. The majority of these dudes I know nothing about until the Gays get mad at them. If he straight or proclaimed it…why sit along the camp fire waiting for him to do something homosexual lol He still going to pay yall dust.

        I don’t lose sleep over homophobic rants from nobodies whom I will never really see or meet. #My2Cents

  5. Well, I really don’t see how y’all gonna get upset at him. He openly said what 99% of the heteros secretly think. They find butt sex gross…so what’s the issue??? Kanye shrug

  6. When niggas do stuff like this, I feel like it’s a signal to other DL niggas that get naked for money. This nigga gay, he didn’t even believe nothing he was saying. He will fuck the right guy, as along as no one knows about it. This is why I don’t subscribe to any fans only pages.

  7. Eh 🤷🏾‍♂️ Don’t bother me, I guess I’m so desensitized that I’m use to hearing WAY worse stuff (not said directly to me tho, cause 👊🏾💥 lol) but I mean he didn’t say we’re faggots or anything, he said gay sex “disgust” him. Now we all know Straight niggas are basic & mentally weak, a lot of em’ say they couldn’t even watch their own CHILD be born cause it was “nasty” 🙄 & dnt get me wrong I am NOT defending him I’m just saying don’t get pressed on what these niggas say cause half of em’ don’t stand strong In their word, I mean come on ole boy is bussin’ it open for money and I KNOW HE KNOW it’s men watching! so he IS the gay porn That “disgust” him

  8. but yal what str8 man would ever feel compelled to or curious enough to watch straight porn? a human being of any kind has almost seen it all, the real tea is that even the most comfortable of str8 males will have a hard time saying they watched gay porn “to test their gayness” are we talking about the same overly hype masculine straight men??? he sooo not straight

  9. What exactly makes him “famous”? Just looks and sounds like another immature hood rat with a .5 IQ….. Just a waste of time and existence….

  10. As sexy as some of these dudes are, I don’t even need to watch the clip to know he is homophobic. Homophobic black men do not bother me anymore and I am not on social media fawning over these guys. Many of them are on the low and refuse to live their truth. It seems as if these black dudes think it is a game to tease gay dudes through Only Fans or IG. There are way too many sexy gay men to be obsessing over straight dudes that could care less about my existence as a black same gender loving man.

  11. Let’s get real for a minute because a lot of people are contradicting themselves. Whether you gay or straight means nothing about how that person feels. Why are we calling him homophobic because gays doesn’t turn him on? That’s not homophobic because he clearly knows he has a gay fan base. Here is the thing. He didn’t say anything disrespectful about the gay community. All he said was he saw it, he didn’t like it and it disgusts him. That’s like every gay man who eats bats tried it and found out, I don’t like bats. It’s disgusting! That’s not saying you hate animals, you just don’t like bats. Its perfectly clear he doesn’t like watching gays have sex. Its gays who feel like that too and will only watch straight porn. We have to stop putting labels on people and get mad because that label was wrong. Straight men get their ass licked but don’t like sex with men. Tops get their ass ate but that doesn’t mean they like dick. If anything I respect him because he not once said for all gays to leave his page and stop following him. That would make him homophobic because then he has an agenda to hurt or disrespect gays. Know the difference. Granted, he not the best looking but that didn’t stop people from watching Cutler X gay porn scenes. All he simple did was address the fact, he saw the gay porn and he didn’t get turned on by it. End of story. Why y’all mad cause it discusses him? Ellen don’t like dick either and y’all watch her for free! Hell some of you watch RuPaul every week and majority of them not cute at all. Y’all be glued when they take that drag off so again, its not that serious for everybody to be mad at him because gay porn turns him off. He got a nice ass but so what, I know where I can find a better one thats gonna let me get in that. He just doing what everybody else doing. Leave the man alone. He didn’t call you out your name, why does he have to be all that because he don’t like what you like. That’s not homophobic at all.

    1. You sound ridiculous, have you ever heard of it’s not what you say but you how you
      Say it? Clearly this man has a disdain for gays and their sexual activity. In addition to that, why was it even necessary for this “straight” man to even mention looking at gay porn. This isn’t 21 questions, no one to my knowledge specifically asked him about gay porn or what he thought made someone gay. He voluntarily and randomly made this a topic of discussion. Why is what makes someone gay or gay porn even on His mind if he’s so disgusted? Straight men voluntarily being concerned with what gays do in the bedroom will always be sus to me. If you’re so repulsed by it why do you even care to think or talk about it? It’s almost the same thing with that closet case “lil boosie” What he said was immensely offensive and definitely homophobic. How you’re not seeing that is beyond me. His sexuality is most likely getting questioned because of all the ass tooting, so this princess is doing damage control by displaying disdain for gay sex, when nobody even knows or cares for his opinion. It’s a cornball move.

      1. Your point would be valid… if you were looking at his dm’s. You talking about nobody asked him, how you know that? Apparently he is getting asked if he is into men. It might not be a guy, it may be a female. That was the reason for the video. Just because he didn’t ask you or said this guy asked me doesn’t mean he wasn’t asked. Still not once did he say anything homophobic about gay people. He talked about what he don’t like and that’s a problem gays have. They lust after straight men then want to call them homophobic because they don’t like men. That’s not homophobic. I’m sure if you know the definition you know what that means. He clearly said he has no problem with gays period. He just don’t like sex with men or to look at sex with men because it disgusts him. That’s fine. That’s his opinion and feelings to have. His disdain is towards gay sex since you want to be technical about it. Which again, is his choice as a straight man to have. What is he supposed to say, “I’m straight but that gay sex was lit, I beat my dick to it”. He has every right to feel that way no matter how you like it because you can’t tell an obvious gay dude that eating female pussy is better than eating male ass. He has a disdain for pussy period that don’t mean he disrespects women. When you make public videos doing certain things and some people question it, they do ask them questions that they answer publicly to clear the air. He has said time and time again he is not gay and he did it publicly because even straight men said he was gay for showing his booty meat. In this video he is right. If you are a straight man and you watch gay porn and it turns you on, you gay. He watched it, and it disgusted him. He even said the thought of fucking another man makes him sick because of the balls hanging. All he was doing was clearing up the air to the people who had questions if he was gay. You wouldn’t even knew about this if Jamari didn’t even post this so again this wouldn’t be something you have a problem with anyway. It wasn’t directed towards you personally so why are you mad because he doesn’t like gay sex. Remember its not what you say its how you say it, right? This wasn’t a random video he just decided to post. You don’t even follow him to know that.

        People kill me judging people off one video or comment and think that’s all they have time to do is say something bad about gay people when people constantly calling him gay. If some gay men choose to continue to follow him and buy his videos, that’s their preference. He even said he don’t mind the fans but don’t approach him with any gay shit. That’s all the man did was ask for respect about HIS sexuality not yours. If you don’t follow him you wouldn’t call this a cornball move. You took one video, judged him instantly without even knowing the background to this video. It be different if it was random and he didn’t do anything gay to make a response like that. That’s homophobic. He making ass videos and people calling him gay. You don’t know what people asking him in his dm’s to say “nobody asked him”. If you don’t care for his opinion, that’s fine. You the one sounding ridiculous.

        One thing I will agree on, Lil Boosie, now he is homophobic. That is a classic case of homophobia.

        1. I said to my knowledge no one asked him what he thought about gay sex. But even if he was asked who cares. There are many other ways to address the fact that you’re “straight” without condemning gays. Most of the people that left comments regarding his video found it offensive. So either you’re going against the grain or it legitimately doesnt bother you that much. People are different and situations are subjective. What may not bother you, may offend the hell out of the next person. So I won’t disregard how you feel. But I think what you’re not getting is people aren’t bothered by the fact that he isn’t into men, that would be ridiculous, half these people commenting don’t even find him attractive, so him not being into men isn’t the issue here. It’s him going into detail about how disgusting gay sex is then turning around saying “I don’t have a problem with y’all” just like the closeted racist who says “I have black friends” to appear diplomatic but internally knows he doesn’t like and/or care about blacks. And how can a “straight” man even know what makes someone gay, if he’s straight he haven’t had that experience to even know. Just because you may not be into gay porn does not mean that you are straight. That is one of the most idiotic analogies he could’ve used, but I would expect nothing more from a onlyfans jump off. He could’ve just left it at I’m straight if he wanted to end any type of speculation. But anytime someone goes into talking about how disgusting something is and displaying a disdain for it, they have a problem with it. So he contradicted hisself. It’s like a vegan saying I don’t have a problem with you, but I think it’s disgusting that you eat meat it’s so gross. You having problem with a choice that I make is having a problem with me. Regardless of if you’re sensitive or not, it’s still a offensive and redundant statement to make. He could’ve talked about how straight porn turns him on, and how beautiful he found women to validate his “straightness” so why comment on something that gays enjoy, and talk down on it. It’s offensive period.

          1. That’s the thing, I never discredited how anybody felt. The same analogy that you used is how people felt. Thats how people really do feel and to some it may be offensive and to some it doesn’t because its their opinion. They are entitled to have that opinion. That doesn’t make them phobic. Its not going against the grain its being insensitive. Forgive me if I’m not sensitive to what people say on their opinions. They have a right just like I do. I don’t go around and say you can’t say that, it’s offensive but my opinion is not. He doesn’t have to make it clear for you to understand because again, that statement wasn’t made to you directly. I see where you saying he made it towards gays but he didn’t he said “I”. He didn’t throw bible quotes up, he didn’t condemn anybody, and he damn sure didn’t say its wrong. He said what he felt about what people were calling him and when he entertained the thought it disgusted him. So what! That’s not for anybody to feel any type of way how he feels. That’s his opinion period. Its not how all straight people feel. People get offended and some of the dumbest shit. Like how is it that people born after 1980’s feel like Baby, It’s Cold Outside is offensive for a Christmas song? How is Sleigh Ride by Alexander O’Neal offensive as a Christmas song. I may offend some people when I say this but these are my opinions and its not going to change but that is some bullshit! Rick James beat bitches up and his music still plays. Bobby Brown and Whitney got into fights all the damn time. Ike beat Tina and she whooped his ass. Yet Rihanna and Chris Brown get into a fight and he the lowest nigga on Earth. People loved the hell outta R. Kelly even after his video tape of him fucking them under age girls and whoever the hell it was pissing on Sparkle niece. Yet he fucking teenage girls under contract to shut up and “allegedly” forcing them to watch him get fucked, sucked and teaching them how to eat ass by men, then people want to #muterkelly. People do shit everyday hell we got a President who offends us on the regular! If we were sensitive to every thing somebody said, this country wouldn’t be so democratic. Everybody is protected under the rights of the United States Constitution to say what they want. All I said was stop throwing labels on people that don’t fit the label. The man is not homophobic if he still lets his gay fans watch him naked. If his comments offended people, I’m pretty sure he didn’t mean for it too. Yes he is not attractive, majority agrees with that. Yes he is not worth spending money on anyway, we majority agree on that, his dick probably ain’t that big anyway to watch him beat it; so again, why is he even getting to you, if you not gonna watch him, follow him or subscribe to him. Let him go. Ignore his non attractive ass

  12. He’s lying, he just trying to fit in, u can see it on his face, no man who is so into gays or gay porn well post himself showing his asshole come on brah

  13. LMAO!

    I was all ready to go in on him like he said “y’all fags unfollow me” or something.

    Y’all gotta chill. Gay men give stupid, attractive men large platforms and then act like they fake care or are fake offended when these stupid, attractive men say dumb thing smh.

    That being said he isn’t even all that attractive so y’all hyped up this man, blew up his followers on twitter and onlyfans purely because he had some ass and was masculine appearing lmao

    He’s hardly the only idiot in the equation if you ask me 🤷🏾‍♂️

  14. to me,
    it was all about tone.
    his tone was off.
    if a white person was talking about black folks exactly how he was going on in that video:

    “do you see how those blacks dance!
    that twerking and that behavior!
    i couldn’t imagine doing what they do.

    some might not be offended; others will be.

  15. I hate to be so candid, but some folks are just stupid. He in this case fits this title perfectly. He could have taken many approaches to express his disdain for “gay sex” and his opinions on the matter. I hate that he was given this platform to then turn around and spit in the faces of people who actually gave you the popularity boost. Based on his content and sophomoric speech, I never saw what others saw. the large behind is a feature that blinds people and he knew that, which in turn was used to lure admirers in. I’m just not one of them to drool over a man who cannot express himself verbally without the use of childish, ignorant banter and gestures.

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