the straight male who loves his booty meat and wants you to love it too

you’ll be surprised how many males love their booty meat.
not even gay or bi males,
but i’ve noticed a lot of straight males recognize their best assets.
they know they have a fat ass and the vixens love it.
my favorite to look at is something like this:

that curve from the side view always gets me.
well everyone meet famous namus aka quinn almighty in the picture above.
he’s straight,
jack of all work out trades with an “onlyfans“,
and realizes he has a plump tail.
so much so,
he made this video on his twitter...

a tad corny,
but he has a nice set of cheeks on him.
of course,
folks started calling him gay for advertising his “booty meat” so he made this video:

i might need him to stop talking.

he is ruining my buzz.
the only issue with straight males with fat tails is their lack of cleanliness.
it might be nice to look at,
but the dingleberries and skid marks can really ruin it all.

to all the straight males that check out the foxhole:


i know during work hours might take a minute,
but keep on wiping until the toilet paper is clean.
this myth that it’s gay by keeping between your ass cheeks clean is really silly.
vixens can see and smell that all that shit during sex too.
they can see it in ya drawz and the dingleberries hanging from your cheeks.
why and how they continue to still fuck is beyond me.


low-key: he has an ( x “onlyfans” ).
i hope he can throw that pipe good as much as he runs his mouth…

any video evidence of this for review?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

22 thoughts on “the straight male who loves his booty meat and wants you to love it too”

  1. Whenever I hear a guy say “no homo,” I roll my eyes and say “fuck you bitch.”

    I thought “no homo” died out years ago. I remember hundreds of videos on YouTube making fun of that phrase.

  2. the minute a nigga says no homo I know he gay, bi, or is at least curious cause it just truly is no need niggas do gay isht all the time and that’s just what they do but the one that still makes it a point is struggling

  3. Them nails is polished with clear fingernail polish, so he definitely loves manicures. The print was cute. The ass is phat. You showing yo ass more than yo dick but you straight… yeah ok. You on twitter promoting your onlyfans but you rather let people know about yo booty meat than yo sausage. No leak or nothing but yet you saying no homo. Stop lying, you know damn well you done had a jag session with another nigga watching porn and that nigga said damn you got a phat ass. If you not worried about fans calling you straight, there is no need to say no homo. Do you tho

  4. As a massage therapist please clean yo booty . Sometimes when the pressure is intense y’all be clenching and unclenching. And if you got boo boo in there. We can smell it .

    1. ^some males don’t know how to clean their asses,
      even down to wiping.
      males do realize you can smell them when we are giving head,
      God forbid he lifts his legs up…

      white and grey underwear will reveal ALL.

      1. Lol I’ll go get a rag and wash them myself lol. I was about to eat a dreadhead nigga booty one night and when he bent over my goodness. I went and grabbed a rag and cleaned it good for about 7 minutes.

  5. I-Think-“Famous-Namous”-is-“Bisexual.”-He-entertains-the-comments-and-dm’s-from-alot-of-his-Male-admirerers-and-shows-a-lot-of-his-Booty-and-teases-his-followers-with-so-much-attention-given-towards-his-butt,nudes,and-on-the-rare-occassion,-a-dick-pic-or-two.-He-is-mostly-all-about-showing-off-his-butt-tho.-In-my-opinion,he-just-needs-the-right-Guy-to-convince-him-to-come-out-of-his-“BOTTOM”-closet.Because-babyboy-is-a-bottom-who-wants-to-SOMEONE-to-cater-to-his-ego-and-beg-him-to-give-up-the-cakes.-Y’all-know-the-type-I’m-sure.




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