“How To Avoid Shitty Situations”: The Complete Guide To A Clean Tail

…not if you’re part of the foxhole,
it shouldn’t ever be in a shitty situation.
i get a lot of emails asking how to have a clean and juicy tail for anal sex.
many are dl or vixens who never been penetrated before.
even if you’re just getting your tail munched on,
you need to always be set up right.
nothing worse than a buffet with shitty service.
the straight wolves could learn a thing or two.
so i came across some illustrations from “blind jaw” on tumblr.
deep dive into the following…

bring me a wolf i’m attracted to and let’s go…
so of course,
i got you on the products.
it can be embarrassing to go buy these products in a store.
God forbid you run into someone you know.
these are all the links to the products suggested:





…and if you’re backed up and want the full clean out,
try a citroma (a laxative) two nights before:

that is the 4 pack so you don’t have to run to the store.
remember: safe sex as always!

images cc: blind jaw

*product suggestions are upon your own risk!
research before using!
feel free to pass this on to those who need it!

for the dl and discreet:
find a good hiding place for your products too.
don’t be messy.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on ““How To Avoid Shitty Situations”: The Complete Guide To A Clean Tail”

  1. I swear we be on the same wave length too much. I saw this on my tumblr feed last week and thought it was not only cutely drawn but informative. I was gonna sent this to you but totally forgot.

    P.S. i’ve tried those Pure for Men pills but they got a little to pricey after awhile so I stuck back to good ole fiber

  2. I saved that illustration and the website it came from a few weeks ago. Happy to see it on here. It’s informative.

  3. I just had a bi Colombian vers with a nice body, six pack but he painted and saw the marks on his cheeks and told him to clean up. J, I’m very natural if I had to bttm, and I just eat clean food by having simple cars in the day time and complex carbs in the evening. That fiber makes things move and your clean as a whistle by evening time. I’m against the enema bottle and others because they clean your house out.

  4. So we cleaned out ourselves in anticipation of that hot wolf that’s about to come thru. What next?

    Take a double shot of your favorite alcohol to relax your spincther muscle so you can take the D. Lol. I usually do 1800 or Belvedere. About 15 mins later, you’re all set. Don’t drink it just to get drunk or you won’t be able to enjoy it, just to relax your muscles to accommadate your partner’s penis.

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