The “Jamari, You Are Good Enough But…” Email

  that entry title seems to be my life.
i’m good enough,
but not good enough.
we talked about that before.

so i decided to send the vixen at the gym an email.
i wanted to see what was happening with the position 2 weeks later.
maybe they would have some part time shifts i could pick up.

“hey jamari!

i’m sorry! there was too much going back and forth with hr.
we are holding off on hiring for that position.

i hope you find the right position in your job search.
you were wonderful.”

why even put up a position if it wasn’t set in stone?
that legit wasted my time.
i have sent my resume out to over 100 companies.
it almost feels like the listings are there,
but they don’t plan on hiring anyone.
what gives?

lowkey: ima watch “power” because i can feel myself slippin…

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10 thoughts on “The “Jamari, You Are Good Enough But…” Email

  1. I assume most companies do it as a just in case replacement for their current employee. If they leave your next to bat. J, have you thought about doing copywriter work?

      1. Oh, oh I got a proposition for you Mr. It could change your situation and more money problems. I see this allot at my head hunter listing and they do pay good, get into it J.
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        Although we generally refer to people who write books as authors, they still write copy and in the truest sense of the word, are indeed copywriters, too.Today, though, most commercial writers write copy projects much smaller than the time-consuming and disciplined genre of books.Freelance commercial writers and freelance copywriters are entrepreneurs writing generally any type of copy to make money. On the other hand, there are copywriters who work on staff with companies and larger corporations.They are referred to as Staff Copywriters.
        J, I hope this will help you.

  2. Do you have some regret of leaving that temp position?

    I know this is making you depressed. Its one thing to feel like you’re not enough at a job, but to also feel like you’re not enough for friendship, love etc. Sometimes it hurts always being regarded as second best or last option.

    We got to find a way Jamari some way some how.

    1. Smith, you just described the whole personal aspect of my life: feeling like I’m not good enough for friendship and love and it hurting from time to time being regarded as second best. That’s exactly how I feel on a regular basis. At least, I know I’m not the only one.

  3. Hey Jamari,

    I’m not sure if you have or not, but networking is what gets people hired these days, especially degreed professionals. I’m not sure when or why it happened, but employers are extremely reluctant to hire people that they do not know personally or that were not recommended by someone they trust.

    I’m an Educator that moved to Houston about 9 years ago. I had 4 years experience, a BA from Morehouse and a Master’s in Education specifically focused on my content area. I submitted applications for five different school districts in the greater Houston area that had a combined total of 60 positions for which I was qualified. Crickets…….yet a co-worker that had just graduated got a teaching position within 2 months because her mom was friends with a principal.

    It took me 3 years to find a teaching job. A lady at my church told me about a recent opening and recommended me. When I showed up for the interview, the principal took one look at my resume and hired me on the spot. It was the same resume that I uploaded with all five applications; they just don’t use the database. Since then, I have been offered positions before I officially applied for them in the system. I was hired based on recommendation by my district instructional coach.

    Sending your resume leaves you faceless. Create a physical and digital portfolio of your experience with a letter of introduction; the physical one should be on resume card stock and in a folder. For larger companies, try to find out the name and email of someone in HR and sent your info directly to them. For smaller companies, show up. Try to be there about an hour after they open to give them time to get situated. Tell them you saw the position posted and ask if the hiring manager is available to speak briefly. Whether the manager is available or not, leave your portfolio.

    Your chances increase when they can attach a face to a name. If you would like or need help, email me. I help my students, friends and family format or reformat how they market themselves all of the time. I’m fixing a resume now.

    1. You make very valid points, with the most important being…it’s not WHAT you know, it’s WHO you know!

      I work in HR and I can’t tell you how often I see it. Managers, supervisors, VPs, will bring in a friend of a friend, child of a friend, before they hire a qualified candidate. It’s rather sad, but the practice does happen.

      Networking is a great way to meet connected people, although at some events I’ve attended I was thoroughly turned off by the attitudes of some people there.

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