The Day Diddy Sat On The Purple Couch That Is Wendy Williams

so i watched diddy’s appearance on wendy williams today.
in my head,
i was expecting him to pull her wig off and start spinning it above his head.
i did.
he looked nervous af,
but i could sense he was letting his walls down slowly.
aunt wendy looked a little scared of what to say.
i think she was just as nervous as well.

from all i researched about wendy,
she had a lot of nasty things to say about him in the 90s.
she insinuated his alleged sexuality,
had “dem total bitches” come up to the station to fight her…

…and he allegedly got her fired and run out of new yawk.
anyone who is into entertainment and gossip should know her beef with him.
i’ll admit i got in it very late,
but from what i’ve been told,
their rivalry was epic.
the thing is…

Can he really be still mad tho?

aunt wendy is/was shock jock.
she was bold enough to put stories out there for her audience.
diddy is in the public eye.
he was allegedly messy back then.
the gossip made him interesting.
gossip makes all of us interesting.
he better be glad there was no phones,
and snapchat around that time because…

so i thought them meeting up was very mature.
it’s good to see how far they both have come.
i don’t think diddy ever imagined she would,
but i’m sure she proved many wrong.
watch the full interview:

lowkey: diddy seems like he is more comfortable in his own skin now.
he knows himself and what he is about.

when you get to that point in life,
you just stop giving a fuck.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “The Day Diddy Sat On The Purple Couch That Is Wendy Williams”

  1. Yep it epic. I remember Wendy put out a picture of Puff & Ma$e in the bed. A silhouette image at that. She really was out to get him

      1. Malicious!!! Wendell was jealous of Biggie dropping her ass for Lil Kim. Her and Lil Kim had words, she started dropping stuff about Lil Kim. Puffy tried to get her stop her from attacking Lil Kim . She had some pictures of Puffy in the Hamptons and started spreading stuff about the pics.
        Puff, Mase, & Mark Pitts were lovers who had threesomes according to her sources. It got so bad Total was sent by Puff to go beat her ass. She was fired after Puff told her boss not to play any of Bad Boy music or he would sue. He said Wendy or Bad Music would have to go. So Wendy went.

  2. What really tripped me out is when she said he whispered to her during the commercial break that she “could ask him anything”….but she said she wouldn’t go hard….that was shocking on from both sides and yeah, def signs of maturity!

  3. Diddy was a trip he even had issues with Angie Martinez over that 2Pac interview. I glad he’s “Grown” now.

  4. Wendy definitely was very out there and shit, but you know she was a shock jock so he definitely went in there for/against everybody. (I’m listening to the foxxy interview and she’s really digging into foxxy).

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