pete buttigieg is out (in another way)

tom steyer yesterday.
pete buttigieg today.
he was the first openly gay candidate running for president,
but he made an announcement tonight about his campaign…

Pete Buttigieg, the former small-city Indiana mayor and first openly gay major presidential candidate, said Sunday night he was dropping out of the Democratic race, following a crushing loss in the South Carolina primary where his poor performance with black Democrats signaled an inability to build a broad coalition of voters.

The decision comes just 48 hours before the biggest voting day of the primary, Super Tuesday, when 15 states and territories will allot about one-third of the delegates over all. The results were widely expected to show him far behind Joseph R. Biden Jr. and Senator Bernie Sanders.

i knew it would happen after the foxhole wasn’t for him.
i wonder if him being openly gay had anything to do with?
i can understand bernie being in the running for president but…

…Joe Biden?

with all his alleged racist malarkey and weird af shit he been doing/saying.
folks know he isn’t coming with obama,


article cc: ny times

Author: jamari fox

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18 thoughts on “pete buttigieg is out (in another way)”

  1. He probably only ran to get exposure. He knew he wasn’t going to win, but running for a position as big as this automatically puts his name out there and gives him national coverage. It most likely was a tactical decision in case he runs for something bigger than a local mayor.

      1. Great move on his part and he’ll probably be looking to either run the DNC or a cabinet position. He honestly never stood a chance but he has inspired a generation of LGBT to know that they can run for president and actually win a primary.

        I was never a fan of his politics and as someone else has mentioned; he has a lot of explaining and making amends with the black community before I would ever consider him for anything.

        I always wonder how do black gays identify themselves…. are you black first then gay or gay first then black?!? I ask because on certain issues and situations, do we lead or vote based on our race or our sexuality? I know we shouldn’t vote solely on those things but let’s be honest it does play a huge factor in our decisions.

    1. At first I thought he was only Running for exposure but the way he went after Warren and Amy made me wonder why he burn those bridges. Then again he went after Beto after he became unpopular which makes me wonder if hes just a bully who only attacks those he sees as weaker than himself.

  2. He never had a chance! Majority black southerners would’ve NEVER voted for him & that’s the votes he needs to win!

    1. I say this as a black man from SC – I’m disappointed in the way black folks showed up for Biden down there. Still, older black folks are biggest bloc down there and they are cautious af. I couldn’t trick my siblings into going to the polls.

      I’m glad Pete is gone tho. Amy is definitely next. I’m pulling for Liz but it ain’t looking too good for her either.

      1. I like Liz as well but I think she’s gonna be either a VP or Secretary of State. People don’t want a woman president. She’s probably the best fit because she actually does her homework but she would face the same resistance as Obama if we don’t fix Congress.

        We need a Democratic Congress in order to make any changes, not just about defeating Trump!

  3. As much as Asshole let people inner racist come out, they will not let a gay man run this country. They will re-elect Asshole off that alone. The one thing Asshole taught us, stop letting your ego do what’s right. All those people who didn’t vote because Bernie didn’t win should have voted for Hillary. Not saying she was better, but she was better with experience and has better relations with people not trying to bomb us. Every President got secrets, thats their job. They have a whole book of what each President wasn’t supposed to let the public know. Why the hell do you think Obama went in office with Black hair and came out with Grey hair. If you can’t see this man is killing people to keep him in office, thats why they let him go in that impeachment trial. He still has a record of being impeached but not sent to trial.

  4. If they didn’t let Hillary win, you think they are going to let another woman win. Come on now. The only person to take Trump down is either Biden or Bernie.

  5. Racist malarkey? When it comes to the 1994 crime bill, my understanding is that Biden voted for it but so did Bernie Sanders and most of the Congressional Black Caucus.

    This is a racist country. Look at the allegations against Buttigieg and Klobichar and Bloomberg. And look at the behavior of many blacks who are ” practice white racism”.

    I imagine that some blacks favor Biden over Sanders because they view Biden as a better candidate to beat Trump. After all, the Russians want Trump to win and they are helping Sanders as the candidate most likely to lose against Trump.

  6. I’m so glad Mayor Sean Cody dropped out, if it came down to him and Commander Cheeto I probably would’ve stayed my ass home. Pete just came off as a slimy politician and he STILL hasn’t answered why he fired South Bend’s first black police chief, not to mention the police killing of a black man and a whole host of other stuff he’s been implicated in when it comes to the African American community in South Bend. I don’t trust him and I would have never voted for him, the sad thing is I know he’ll be back on my screen and I’m dreading the day that happens. 🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️

    1. You don’t know nothing about Southbend stories came out to be a lie he He was fired because he was illegally Record someone and a white cops won deformation of character lawsuit Black police chief retired Those tapes were made before Pete Buttigieg became mayor

  7. I am hoping for a Biden/Warren ticket. A compromise between middle of the road, traditional Dems and progressives.

    1. You do realize that they really don’t like each other and have been fighting each other for over a decade.

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