is kevin portillo hiding “scammer” between his thick ass thighs?

kevin ceasar portillo.
can we font about his massive ass thighs or…?
so anyway,
kevin is one of the quieter attentionistos.
he’s another one that stayed pretty low key.
he just liked to tease with:


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well kevin did what some males have been doing recently

kevin opened up an “onlyfans”,
but it comes a disclaimer

He will not be showing the meats and folks are MAD

i won’t hold you but…

…I LEGIT wanted to see him smash someone from the back and their tail bouncing on those massive ass thighs of his

i’m dead ass.
so i’m confused-ed…

Why don’t these males open up a Youtube channel like regular humans?

15 dollars to hear you talk?
15 dollars to see you shirtless?
do we need to talk?
i can understand if folks open up an “onlyfans” and bring something new.
so telling sex stories or being raunchy-lite.
fuck someone with a blanket over you like an “r” rated movie.

i don’t know!

“Pineapples get shirtless and show dick prints on IG for free everyday B.”

i’m more mad at those who dropping money on nonsense.
ya’ll made him a good 5k on some “bonding”.
congrats because you might have played yourself.
if a legit celeb pulled this shit,
folks woulda been cancelled them.
take this shit over to youtube or patreon and form a bond over there.
outta control.

low-key: kevin seems really nice,
but you know what i feel about that word “nice”.
it often lies someone really manipulative.

visit kevin’s “onlyfans” to bond: here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

44 thoughts on “is kevin portillo hiding “scammer” between his thick ass thighs?”

  1. I’m tired of people always whining about “being scammed” on onlyfans as if they were forced at gunpoint to subscribe in the first place. There’s so much free porn out here that I don’t even know why folks are even still paying for shit that’s probably going to be leaked and posted somewhere for free anyway. If this is what fools want to spend their Rona checks on, then that’s their dumb ass decision but stop crying about being scammed because you can’t “scam” or take advantage of the willing

    1. straight people pay billions every year for porn even though porn is free folks pay for it everyday regardless of sexual orientation. Sex sales PERIOD even tne premise of sex sells

  2. No maam we aren’t going this route again, you got the cake so stop this nonsense. Keep this up and his platform will not last. Who is he playing?? Do we need to bring that dog again he teased with a bone. Hmm..I have a feeling he might give inn..

  3. Chilllllllddddddddddd. This has scam written all over it. He’s sounds intelligent too so the “I didn’t know” excuse is tired. Like you said jamari, he should’ve taken his nice (ass) to YouTube

  4. The thing about this guy that I don’t get is how photoshopped his lower half is in most of these “thick thigh” pics and NO ONE calls it out.

    Handsome guy but not really interesting or that intelligent seemingly. Kinda opened his mouth and removed all doubt. However he’s pretty clever to cash in on quarantine thirst in this manner.

    Other than that, I have nothing. #slownewsday

    1. ^ya know what’s crazy?

      i been looking at his pics and in some pics,
      he has a smaller frame.
      in other pics,
      he looks like he wears a 42 pants.
      i thought it might have been angled but you bring up a good point.

      1. Exactly. He has basketball player legs (tall, skinny, not super thick/muscular). Lol, you can clearly see this when he walks in the room on the vid you posted.

  5. Whats going on yall this is Kevin, first off I hope everybody is healthy and safe during this time. Anyways to clear things up.. Only fans is a way for creators to form relationships and provide Exclusive content to their fans. Which exclusive means nothing obviously as that post was straight off my page. With that being said I never promised or said anything about being nude? In regards to making a free youtube or do it on IG my brother are you serious? I gotta eat! I got bills! Just like you. My gay fans complained for years about how I never showed love to them and they was my real supporters. I find. a way to actually do that because imma be real, Instagram dont pay me to answer messages. Do you or anyone really think imma sit there and answer thousands of messages for free especially a guy like me who really dont have much. Instagram was just for fun for me and now im tying to capitalize on it and im getting knocked by my “Real fans”

    1. ^okay do before i start,
      i want to say thank you for coming into the foxhole.
      i appreciate you taking the time to address this entry.

      so here is the thing…

      when i think of “onlyfans” and a good looking male,
      i’m automatically going to assume sex and nudes.
      that is what has become of that platform.
      i think you were quiet for a very long time and this move was like:

      well now he is trying to get naked…”

      it has happened to many others (see: prince from lhh miami).
      my thing is how would you try and accomplish this on an “onlyfans” account?
      that is not a platform that has live engagement.
      it is very similar to ig where you put up pics,
      and get likes/comments.
      i understand you wanting to make money,
      but i feel others felt mislead by you making an “onlyfans”.

      do you see what i mean?
      i don’t follow you as hard as others,
      but when i see “onlyfans”,
      i think sexual content.

      1. Very well said! I think the problem here is that since he’s been quiet, no one knows what to expect. So given that WE ALL know what Onlyfans is, the instant assumption was nudity. The correct approach would’ve been to release the explanation video prior to creating the account. That is why “the real fans” are frustrated. They feel tricked based on knowing Onlyfans and I find it hard to believe he didn’t know this response was coming.

        I feel for his situation, but Onlyfans isn’t the platform for this content. Yes, YouTube is stingy with checks (especially if the content doesn’t produce numbers, which we don’t even know if it’ll be interesting since he’s been so silent til now). Maybe Patreon is a better choice.

        1. Great point Reece but like I said Onlyfans is what you make of it. Regardless of what some use it for it. If I made an account on Pornhub and said follow me then thats different lol. Also Reece think of it like this, because I am a very private person I would think the allure of wanting to know more would get people to subscribe. Besides a brotha gotta eat if my family is out on the streets or I gotta feed my fam Imma do that lol so I dont put any restrictions on myself. Its not my job to tell anybody anything. We as men think too much with the wrong head lmao. Blessings brother

          1. So, I appreciate the response and while I understand the need to provide for your family, especially given the current state of the world, that shouldn’t come by way of dishonesty thru lack of disclosure. You’re absolutely right, you don’t have to tell anyone anything, but you can’t then be frustrated with the response and expect people to understand your intent when it wasn’t made clear from the jump. To be clear, when Onlyfans first started a few years ago maybe this would’ve flew, but with the way that it’s evolved it does in fact live in the Pornhub realm. Quite honestly, reading your replies only further supports the belief that there was an awareness of what you were doing. Hopefully, you’ll take jamari up on his offer to provide further clarity on the podcast. It may help to turn this thing around and give ppl the chance to know you (and keep your “allure”). Best of luck.

          2. Isn’t there a little section below your name where you can put more info about your page? Your says you finally made an onlyfans. Why not use that section to explain what you plan to do with the page? Would you make less money if that section made it explicit that this was just a blog?

    2. Kevin. Gurl, pleaze. And what “fans” are you talking about?! What do you do again? Other than live with your mom and travel with sugar daddys? LOL next

  6. Thank you and yes that is a perception that is out there but lets be honest its not on the site description and its not a fact. I tried Patreon and I really didnt like how the platform ran and how I had to post on Youtube whereas onlyfans I can post directly on site and send mass messages to all my subs. To the contrary onlyfans had messaging where ive been able to have some deep talks. Some guys still in the closet which are happy im not a gay hater and can actually have discussions and is fine talking with gay people. Which lets also be honest alot of guys wont even associate with gays still. Which is some Very insecure behavior To say the least. Now to the next point its so funny because gay or straight We are all MEN and we are alot more alike then we realize for example.. alot of guys on there I speak and be friendly with and after a few messages its “when are you going to get naked” Lol. Like damn! We cant even be cool and just talk shit be friends. Its gotta go there lol I wish that would change. I really want to help all men and I wish I could make youtube vids and post for free but with the drought im just not in the position to do that.

      1. He probably wont be a guest because he feels gay people should pay him to talk to him. he literally said he ignored messages for years because there wasnt money involved. So now that he found a scheme to get fast money… he does.

      2. Hello Jamari,

        Did he ever get back to you after he had technical difficulties with his laptop? Can I offer my personal take on this? I subscribed to this gentleman’s Only Fans page since I had been hearing all manner of comments on it and I like to have firsthand knowledge to base an opinion on. I unsubscribed within 10 minutes. It’s very mundane.

        It really is nothing more that an instagram page that he is charging a fee for to make money. It’s just a scheme, plain and simple. I’m not hurting for the subscription fee, so no harm there. But if you are going to be a pretty boy trying to roll through life on your looks, at least put some effort into maximizing your shelf life.

        Gymrat pretty boy/social media attention whores are a dime for ten dozen these days, and he is not exactly doing anything to make himself stand out. I’m not one to knock anyone’s hustle, but damn, at least WORK YOUR HUSTLE. Don’t just put forth minimal energy and expect maximum returns on that energy.

        I don’t see this cash grab lasting long for him when other’s who are doing what he is doing are outworking him at every turn. He is attractive, but that only gets you so far in these forests these days. Just my personal take on this. Have a lovely day!

    1. You need money to feed your family ?? Then get a fucking job or 3 like everybody else Foh you a whole ass clown you know damn well what you doing and you know damn well the purpose of onlyfans , this new generation is so sad back then when ppl needed money they wasn’t scared to actually get a real job even 2 jobs that’s what hard working man supposed to do to feed their family smh this new generation of men really be acting like bitches ..

    2. Girl, BYE. Go to school my son. Get a job My son. Do something. Scamming people on OnlyFans isn’t the way my son. I’m your dad. You’re canceled my son.

    3. Do you not realize there are people making millions off youtube? You sound lazy and like you want to be famous over night. Youtube is hard work and takes dedication which you have proven you don’t have. Youre missing a bag over lazyness lol

  7. Jamari I’m going to have to disagree with the whole “scamming” thing on this one. For one, while the connotation for onlyfans may be porn/nsfw content, that is an assumption on the part of those who expect it. Onlyfans is really open for you posting whatever content that you want, they’re just lax on restrictions in terms of what the nature of that content is. It’s not a scam just because the product doesn’t match what someone’s assumptions are (that’s based on what somebody unrelated has done) and it wasn’t promised. Especially if he has let followers know that he won’t be posting nude content and hasn’t posted that type of content in the past. Disappointing? Hell yes! But not scamming. I only say this b/c there are multiple scammers on OF who do promise certain content and then don’t deliver then block ppl who ask the to follow up on that. Or will make ppl pay for the same content that they post for free somewhere else.

    And in regards to youtube, have you heard about the multitude of problems that youtubers have working with it? From the algorithm that is always changing and messing up to the many, MANY ways to get demonetized, and sometimes costing more than you are bringing in. A serious youtube channel to bring in money like that is.

    1. I could buy this if people used the little about me section to be explicit about what their page is about. I feel like guys are just profiting off the thirst and just saying, “well I never said I was going to show my dick.” Even if this is true think about that from a business standpoint. How long would a business like that last. “I know it’s a coffee house but I never said I’d serve pastries.”

  8. Hi Im kevin lol , if ya’ll really think Kevin Portillo wrote that last post I have moon for sale.

    1. lol I, too, can’t believe Jamari and others actually responded to some anonymous post claiming to be from this Kevin character..

  9. Do yah really think this is the real “Kevin”
    He just happen to come across this gay blog with a story about him on it hmmm

  10. Onlyfans isn’t only for porn and people aren’t obligated to get nude or show you their goods. In fact, onlyfans initially was a bunch of fitness models/trainers sharing exclusive work out videos etc. It became more synonymous with porn because people saw that onlyfans didn’t have restrictions on 18+ content. That then became their most profitable niche so they geared more towards that. Now people assume that everyone who creates and onlyfans must be doing porn or posting nudes. They are not obligated to and no one is forcing you to subscribe. If they do however allude to having porn/nudes on their account to get people to subscribe then they don’t, only then can you say they are scamming. Just my opinion.

    “…It is popular in the adult entertainment industry,but also hosts content creators from other genres such as physical fitness experts and other creators who post regularly online. It allows content creators to receive funding directly from their fans on a monthly basis as well as on tips and the pay-per-view (PPV) feature.”

  11. So let’s do the math.

    $15.99 x 384 subscribers = $6,140 cash grab

    Kevin Portillo you are a scamming muthafukah and everyone who subscribed should call their credit card issuer and demand a chargeback. Onlyfans will flag your account and BAN your disingenuous wack ass.

  12. Personally ince I saw he made an onlyfans I knew immediately it was too good to be true. like and truly I don’t get the hype, thick thighs, nice butt, tall but the real tea is that he’s LIGHTSKIN and they know the value in that overhyped trait. I love my fairskin brothers yal are fine but you can honestly never be trusted 100% of yal aren’t this way but a sure 80% use their looks to get what they want and often get greedy this is why they have a hard time staying committed and it’s crazy cause it’s like would the couple’s even stay together as long as they have if they weren’t satisfied with the others skin color? IG models only go for IG models most of the time so truly even if this man was gay we all know he’d be with some white twink. I took this deeper than it had to go but open your eyes folks think of how many fine dark brothers are out there with the same hype i.e. nice bawdy and ass but even cuter face and are paid less attention. And yes we know Beckys love them and they go for them because they often equate success in the love department with more fair skin people. it’s too much. You have privilege Kevin and you tried to use that to get what you want and I don’t knock your hustle at all but take accountability and go sir. even with all this talk based off who you are YOUR COIN WILL NOT STOP! We live in a time where we may not be alive to see any of this change and become equal so do you but don’t deny what it is, there are folks who still rock with Chris Brown after all he’s done. You will be forgiven. We love you as brothers cause thays what we are but again A SPADE IS A SPADE! I’m drunk, hope I make sense lol

  13. You scammed the gays. Point blank PERIODT. You knew what you were doing and you’re using the fact that onlyfans doesn’t per say market itself as porn as your scapegoat. You’re smart enough to rely on a excuse like that. This was thought out. You knew YouTube wouldn’t bring you the amount of cash flow that onlyfans would bring from the start. You most likely figured a good amount of people would join and even if they didn’t re subscribe you still would’ve made some profit from the initial launch. Typical straight guy profiting off the gays. Joanne is that you?

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