Eat My Horse Shit (At The Philly Riots)

*the following story is gross.
viewer discretion is strongly advised.

there is a quote in one of my favorite movies that i love.
it was from “two can play that game” and auntie viv said it.
it was something along the lines of:

“why are you in your own house tearin’ up your own shit?
you should be at his house tearin’ up his shit.
you can leave and go home.”

that’s how i feel about what was going down in philly last night.
i know ya’ll won the superbowl,
but did you have to destroy your own shit?
a foxholer sent me a video that disturbed me to the core.
some hyena was out there legit eating horse shit.
a whole horse dump buffet in those forests.
this is what i was sent

can he die from that?????
bad enough,
they was out there destroying their own city:

that is really unacceptable.
i don’t understand the point of this.
even if the team lost,
you still gotta live there.

lowkey: that looked like some low class ghetto shit.
get those thugs outta there.

5 thoughts on “Eat My Horse Shit (At The Philly Riots)

  1. Far as the pink creature that decided to eat the horse feces while the other creatures cheered it on, no one should be surprised. These “things” are disgusting & are literally half animal. Think- that nasty bitch is gonna kiss some dumb girl if he’s not already, after eating that feces. The female he’s dealing probably already knows & they may even play in feces with each other behind closed doors. My point is, this is why I usually don’t have much to do with these species of “people”, especially the heterosexual ones. They’re nasty as fuck!

  2. It wasn’t as bad as the media hype. No Philly wasn’t rioting and the city didn’t burn down. Just a bunch a drunk white folks acting their normal self.

    My son’s dorm is right in Center City 2 blocks from City Hall. We were at this pub right off Broad and Samson watching the game. We were walking back to his dorm so we were right in the middle of “festivities” watching these drunken fools. Most of the POC where chill just taking pictures even telling other people to chill out.

    All the dumb sh*t you are hearing about are drunk white teens acting a fool. Nevertheless only 3 arrest (so far) but Mayor Kennedy has already indicated more arrests are coming. Thursday is going to be insane!

  3. But if they were black, though….I wonder how the media would portray them. *side-eye*

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