Odell Beckham JR Is Having The Time of His Life Pissin’ Ya’ll Off

odell beckham jr is in the hot seat once again.
this time,
ya’ll judging him over that superbowl nfl commercial he had last night.
his co star was his teammate,
eli manning,
and well…


now ya’ll know odell gives no fucks about how he “looks” to ya’ll.
that is what makes him sexy to me.
he is pretty free and fearless.
after the nfl,
he will have a career doing something in entertainment.
say what you want,
but odell is charismatic.
he is a breath of fresh air and i love it.
i’ll allow it.

lowkey: his mother looks great!
they had a video where they were cooking meatballs…


did not know you could put jam on meatballs.
in my head,
it tastes disgusting.
my mouth is curious to say “i did it” tho.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Odell Beckham JR Is Having The Time of His Life Pissin’ Ya’ll Off”

      1. Lol, idk bruh, this might cause u even more stomach issues…I tend to life more savory meatballs (BBQ being my absolute fave – but I love BBQ on jus bout any protein)…the sweetest I can deal with are those Swedish meatballs at IKEA…do they still make them? *shrugs*

  1. I love Beckham too, and his mom is sexy. He can cook for me anytime jk lol, but I know when I saw the commercial people were going to fuss about it. Let him be great and I honestly believe he is definitely STRAIGHT he just likes to have fun and entertain.

  2. I really like Odell!!! He really doesn’t give a fuck! He knows who he is and doesn’t let the haters get to him!! His mother looks good! She looks really young!

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