It Goes In Smooth (But Comes Out Fast)

i may never ride a roller coaster again.
i’ll probably never perform on stage.
i can’t sing so that’s highly unlikely.
i’m sure i’ll be a mess when it’ll come to accepting awards tho.
a fox can dream.
i’m fonting this because…

I suffer from anxiety and acid reflux

it makes my life a living hell.
if i eat the wrong thing,
i’m throwing up.
when my anxiety raises to hell,
i’m throwing up.
it’s the worst.

i decided to eat general tso chicken for lunch.
i was excited af about it too.
so much so,
i took a picture for my insta snap on the foxhole ig.
it came with wonton soup for a side.
no sooner after an hour,
my stomach started doing back flips.
i tried to hold it down as much as i can,
but as soon as i was about to leave,
that’s when it hit me.
i spent almost an hour in the bathroom.

I don’t do “sick passenger” on the MTA

one of my biggest fears and pet peeves.
i wanted to make sure i was good before i got on there.
that train ride felt like doom.
i had to play games on my phone to distract my mind.
i got home,
even tho i threw up on the street,
but i was really nervous and frustrated at the whole debacle.

the last two times i went out with the pretty vixen,
i threw up my meals.
each one i paid for so you can imagine how annoyed i was.
i’ve gone to different doctors about it in the past.
they have ran tests and my stomach has come back fine.
no ulcers or anything serious.
it’s all nerves and worry.

so i don’t know what to do anymore.
i’ll probably suffer with this for the rest of my life.
it was lite when i was a cub,
this particular season of my life has been different.
it has been a lot heavier.
i guess we all have “something” we deal with.
stomach issues just happen to mine.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “It Goes In Smooth (But Comes Out Fast)”

  1. Have you tried pinpointing a particular food… maybe spice or an herb…. I friend of mine can’t eat garlic anymore because of it.

    1. My co-worker is like that. She suffers from acid reflux, and hers is triggered by spicy items. Sh avoids them.

      As I’ve gotten older I’ve become lactose intolerant. Dairy items go right through me. So if I’m out, I don’t mess with it.

  2. Maybe just don’t eat out anymore. I bet if you made the same food yourself, you wouldn’t get sick. Your stomach is probably sensitive to all the nasty chemicals, preservatives and toxicity in the fast foods out here. I’ve heard New York has amazing variety of food, but bad quality. I have a friend similar to you, (though not as bad), if the food isn’t right, it’s coming back up. Probably a sign about how our bodies reject processed, fake , and unnatural foods.

    Start preparing your meals! I’m thinking about doing it. After your post with the sushi and tapeworm, I’m fricking done. Scared to eat out these days.

    1. ^you are right.

      when i cook my own stuff,
      i don’t really have these issues.
      i don’t fry anything either.
      usually bake.
      i’ll have to go back to doing that.

  3. Your body has a disconnect. I recommend you get an Acupuncture, and find one thats cheap where you can have multiple sessions. I pay $200 for 12 session at an acupuncture school. Its a little known secret your doctor does not want to let you know because those pill they prescribe you are on commission may lead to health problem. My gastritis got worst last year to the point I avoided acidic food. I did my first acupuncture session and literally I felt the pitch of the needle and I swear the nerves from my feet to my thigh made a connection. After laying on the bed 20mins with needles placed on all the pressure points throughout my body. I went home and had the urge to eat pizza. After eating it no stomach pain. Barbecue rib were my worst offenders but not any more i eat them bad boys in one setting. Jamari, you better try this stuff and don’t mention it to your doctor, because they will discourage you from doing it, because they can’t make money off of you. I learned this working with massage therapist colleague. she recommend it as i do.

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