The Dragging of Justin Timberlake: The Real Event After The Halftime Show

i’m not watching the superbowl.
i was literally catching up on “riverdale” and “acs: versace”.
i popped on twitter to see what was happening,
and it said that justin timberlake was about to perform.

wtf was that shit?
the halftime shows are known for big entrances.
he was in some basement when he started.
the dancing was stiff af and he was all over the place with the songs.
it showed just how mediocre justin timberlake really is.
did he not plan this all out?
to add insult to injury,
instead of prince in a hologram,
he put him on a curtain:

you know they’re dragging his ass up and down for that,
this receipt is even worst for him:

he should have brought ‘n sync out.
by himself,
with no features?
it’s like that wack album he just released.
his cockiness is his downfall.

on the day “control” was released 32 years ago,
karma was also in control today.
#janetjacksonappreciationday was also poppin’.
i’m satisfied.

lowkey: on brighter news,
i bought “design of a decade: 1986-1996” today on itunes.
it’s only 5.99.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “The Dragging of Justin Timberlake: The Real Event After The Halftime Show”

  1. I do not think ti was that bad, but it could have been better. In all honesty, Justin’s time is up. Bruno’s arrival cancelled him altogether a few years ago. I can admit that he has made great music over the years though.

  2. Yeah his performance was very lackluster. He had some banging songs back then, but that’s it. Some will say this has nothing to do with Janet, but it does. We already know her career took a downfall after that and was penalized for it, but Justin was free to go. I’m so glad people are really recognizing Janet for who she is which is an icon and living legend and one of the best performers of all time. With her State Of The World Tour she showed at 51 she still can f**k a stage up, while some performers who are in their 30s dance moves have dried up. I do take it as karma.

  3. I hope Janet reacts to his halftime performance on her netflix documentary. She wont though but a guy can dream right? Lmfao her and jimmy jam are probably tripping on facetime.

  4. The veil has been lifted and we see that he is floundering and cannot pull his music career together without form of influence of black music. He can no longer pull it off by being young and cute, or studying Usher videos…Justin Timberlake is and has always been the Christopher Columbus of R&B. He made a WHOLE ASS diss verse about Prince, took shots at prince at the golden globes, had an alcohol-infused listening party at Paisley park despite the fact that Prince in live was Jehovah’s Witness and didn’t allow alcohol in his home. Then u wanna use his likeness to save your trash ass halftime show. E! news was petty and posted in article from years ago on their Twitter where Prince said using someones hologram or likeness was the most DEMONIC thing ever. This was just another psuedo-earnest attempt at gaining validation off the back of a black artist who detested him. #girlbye #issno

  5. I watched the Verscace show too Jamari. Really hooked on it.

    As far as Justin, the performance was lackluster and boring. I like some of his old music (his second album only). Basically TIMBALAND beats carried his music. But now JT is so out of touch & corny.

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