Eat My Horse Shit (At The Philly Riots)

*the following story is gross.
viewer discretion is strongly advised.

there is a quote in one of my favorite movies that i love.
it was from “two can play that game” and auntie viv said it.
it was something along the lines of:

“why are you in your own house tearin’ up your own shit?
you should be at his house tearin’ up his shit.
you can leave and go home.”

that’s how i feel about what was going down in philly last night.
i know ya’ll won the superbowl,
but did you have to destroy your own shit?
a foxholer sent me a video that disturbed me to the core.
some hyena was out there legit eating horse shit.
a whole horse dump buffet in those forests.
this is what i was sent
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