They Should Have Stood There And Greeted The Customers (Old Navy)

i don’t know why folks do dumb shit nowadays.
with all these camera phones out here,
ima need hyenas and jackals to get with the program.
actually don’t.
lets get these dummies outta here.
so a foxholer sent me an update to ( x that old navy fiasco ).
this is what has happened via the root

Life catches up with you real fast, and three employees have been fired from an Old Navy after an Iowa man posted several videos detailing his encounter with management at the store located in West Des Moines.

By Saturday, Old Navy had released a statement on its Facebook page, apologizing to Conley and announcing that three employees had been terminated as a result of the incident, the DesMoines Register reports.


like i fonted,
there is no need in acting a fool.
the good part is all their names are viral too.
don’t you love a “fuck your whole shit up indefinitely” take down?

article cc: the root

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  1. When it was reported that the store was closed for a day or two I knew this was coming. HALLELUJAH! God is good, all the time!

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