happy halloween v. 2020

i looked outside and the kids started trick or treating at 3pm.
i always thought was a “when the sun goes down” situation,
but things are different in this new normal.
2020’s halloween is hitting a little different.
what are my plans for my halloween?

jamari fox is in the crib.
as usual?
my motto every halloween is if i’m not getting in someone’s son or daughter car,
i don’t “do” the forests of new yawk on halloween.
this is the perfect time to get robbed by buzz lightyear and not know wtf it is.

 i don’t have a lot of friends/associates that are in the city,
i’m solo dolo atm.

so ima be doing the agenda for the podcast tomorrow,
write an entry or two,
maybe play some “breath of the wild” or “dead by daylight” with friends,
watch some youtube videos,
finish some chapters of mariah’s audiobook,
and chill tf out.
as for you:

Please be safe out there foxhole.

masks up and try to social distance if you can.
eat lots of candy for me and enjoy your night.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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