shouldn’t tamar braxton be on a mission of healing and inner work because…

tamar braxton
tamar is the type to have you scratching your head with her antics.
you want to feel sorry for her,
but she always does something that makes you go “wtf?“.
so she ( x released a statement ) after trying to take her own life.
it seems everything revolved around her contract with “wetv”.
well wetv released a statement about her new show on their network,
get ya life!“.
they said via “tmz“…

Why would I expect a card or a teddy bear from them?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “shouldn’t tamar braxton be on a mission of healing and inner work because…”

  1. This girl is too much! I think she’s bi polar. I wish her the best , such talent and such destructive and toxic behaviour…

  2. i’m getting very weirded out by people with failed suicide attempts being back on the internet talking like normal. this has been happening way too much this past decade. it’s like we’re becoming desensitized to death.

    1. Listen!!! Y’all wouldn’t hear a PEEP from me for at least a month. I love Tamar so much but she really suffers from Clapbacktosis. She just can’t let anything go. I mean, the way she ALWAYS talks about how WeTV does/did/do her wrong, you’d think she would be happy.

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