black people in america are not oppressed

trump people” are always so vicious.
they are literally pit-bulls for their beliefs him.
has anyone noticed they come off very angry for no reason at all?
i guess the anger comes from many being opposed of him.
it’s like when you like someone but others don’t,
your defenses are already way up.
a vix-bi sent me a video on tik tok of a black vixen who supports trump.
she wants all of black america to wake up…

@notpopularfayReply to @juiceb0x4 tell me again. How to be black in America. Please.♬ original sound – notpopularfay

Why is she so angry?

isn’t all of this something to celebrate?
her mother struggled,
but sacrificed and still provided for her children.
how old is this girl?
if she is an adult

I think she needs to go get fucked.

not mad love to,
but fucked.

“lawrence and big titty tasha” fucked.

if she is a kid,
she needs to go watch “my little pony” and do something with herself.
she is very uptight for absolutely no reason at all.

it sounds like she realizes that being black in america is not easy.
black people are oppressed.
just because her mama went through struggle doesn’t mean racism doesn’t exist.
compared to our white counterparts living in privilege,
we have to go through hell to achieve things that are easy for many of them.
there are white actors and actresses who can’t even act,
but still get paid more than the most talented black person.
some white people are literally are in top positions due their privilege,
yet we have to continuously prove ourselves just to get our feet in the door.
even after our feet are in the door,
it doesn’t stop there.

…and then got the nerve to say Trump believes in the minorities in this country.

can someone direct me to that part of his program?
i must have missed it.
this all like misdirected anger along with her sounding like an idiot.

@notpopularfayThis is it. The key to success. Do what you will with it. ##fyp ##foryou ##america ##maga

♬ original sound – notpopularfay

didn’t she say that her mother got pregnant with her at 18?

she needs to argue with her father because it sounds like she is lowkey mad at him.

lowkey: she is gonna be real mad when she finds out her fearless leader is trying to “ends” tik tok.
( x see that here )

x see her tik tok here

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4 thoughts on “black people in america are not oppressed”

  1. yeah she sounds like an idiot. I hate to be rude but it’s true.
    “there needs to be more fathers in the home” no shit, what do you think protesting police brutality is about? black men are disproportionately targeted by police, killed and arrested, which leads to them not being in the home.

    “education is the most important thing.” I agree, unfortunately prodominantly black areas often have underfunded schools and lack extracurricular activities that more affluent white schools have.

    rascism in America is deep and interwoven into every aspect of our daily life. it can be complicated to figure out for some but the info available, read a book or Google. there is no excuse for someone her age to be so dumb.

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