black people in america are not oppressed

trump people” are always so vicious.
they are literally pit-bulls for their beliefs him.
has anyone noticed they come off very angry for no reason at all?
i guess the anger comes from many being opposed of him.
it’s like when you like someone but others don’t,
your defenses are already way up.
a vix-bi sent me a video on tik tok of a black vixen who supports trump.
she wants all of black america to wake up…
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i’m not in a good place today (what’s going on?)

after scrolling through my twitter timeline,
looking at friends ig stories in protest,
and seeing all frustration within the black community,
i just laid on my couch for about 20 minutes staring out the window.
things are so horrible right now.

The Rona
All this racism
Black lives being taken
Unemployment at an all time high
The President doing absolutely nothing but just ranting

…and then my own personal life and the issues going on with mi.
it’s like i have no words at this moment about it all.
this is all i could muster up…

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When The Hunters Admit They Kill Black People…

so this makes me feel real safe!
*in my most sarcastic font possible*
so when folks show you who you are; believe them.
when folks tell you who they are…
like how this hunting jackal admits they only kill black people…
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Black People Hate Each Other

img-thing?yeah i said it…
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Black People Will Be Considered “Exxxoticals” Later On

acid_picdump_139i got this on one of my favorite wolf’s instagram today.
isn’t that crazy?
well i guess the color struck negros of 2014 are in the wrong generation.
to think that this…
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Miguel Thinks Black Folks Are Judgmental

Untitledmiguel tweets his feelings today…

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