i’m not in a good place today (what’s going on?)

after scrolling through my twitter timeline,
looking at friends ig stories in protest,
and seeing all frustration within the black community,
i just laid on my couch for about 20 minutes staring out the window.
things are so horrible right now.

The Rona
All this racism
Black lives being taken
Unemployment at an all time high
The President doing absolutely nothing but just ranting

…and then my own personal life and the issues going on with mi.
it’s like i have no words at this moment about it all.
this is all i could muster up…


wtf is going on?

Author: jamari fox

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6 thoughts on “i’m not in a good place today (what’s going on?)”

      1. Hopefully you can find some zen in your life and keep as calm as possible. I watched things that take my mind off life and music to relax during this time.

  1. I was up half the night because of this George Floyd situation.I have an aunt who lives around the corner from where he grew up, my cousins knew of him from the neighborhood.Right now I’m watching his brother crying on TMZ Live 💔

    According to TMZ two underage clerks at the corner store thought George gave them a fake $10 bill.They returned to him then they asked for it back.He refused to give it to them so they called the police on him.

  2. George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery…as well as 100,000 dead Americans from Covid-19, a majority of the Black folks. On and on the tragedies go. I’ve tried everything to lift my spirits but I’m going to try meditation again and now that it’s a little safer to go outside, with a mask, a daily walk, especially if it’s sunny. Sending you and everyone hopeful, healing vibes!

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