milan christopher has everyone upset with his reality (show)

i always sawa older white male or a dl baller wolf for this one.
i always font that milan christopher looks like he has a few stories in his black book.
well everyone is having an issue with his latest romance.
check out who he appears to be dating now…


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Date Night w/ @iamlaurynengland πŸ₯°

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There’s no other feeling like true happiness πŸ’ž my #mcm @milanchristopher #blacklove

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he is dating trans vixen,
lauryn j. england.
he has always claimed that he is bisexual so this isn’t shocking.
i think he dates/fucks whoever he is attracted to.
that could be a male or female.
his ex,
siir brock,
claims he is bisexual too and is allegedly dating a vixen as well:

back to milan,
everyone is upset about him dating that trans vixen.
have ya’ll just heard of milan christopher or…?

Milan would date a zombie if it got him attention

milan wants fame and in order to achieve it,
you have to generate attention at all costs.
he’s one of the popular bisexual attentionistos who needs “this” to survive.
this gets him views and allows him to promote whatever to make him money.

He might actually like her and has found love

stop taking his antics seriously and just go with it.
the break-ups are usually entertaining.

Author: jamari fox

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17 thoughts on “milan christopher has everyone upset with his reality (show)”

  1. I want to say his ex is fine as hell but the desire for attention is a huge turn off for me.

  2. Do people even care about Milan anymore?
    In the beginning he was the “it” gay/bi boy now it’s like…yeah ok next lol πŸ˜‚

  3. My first reaction to this was, “What is a total bottom doing dating a trans….never mind!” Then I remembered who this is about and was like, “No wonder” Irrelevant attention seeking thot!! Nothing more!!

  4. YAWN….NEXT!! Who even still checks for Milan? Hes nice to look at , for some, but the attention seeking, and all the foolery is played out and old.

  5. Okay… UPDATE: I had a chance to check out her profile and she is a business woman ,serious and successful. Milan has also had success doing his thing . So if this is real I wish them the best !!

  6. Milan may be stunting but I’ma cut him some slack because he think he’s always trying something get his game going and collect that bag. Whatever they have going on, more power to them.

  7. For anyone who may be curious Lauren England is part of the web series chasing atlanta. It’s free to view on you tube. She went by the name Jaylon before her transition.

  8. I read in another forum that he (Milan) was hooking up with the TMZ dude Harvey Levin. Which explained why TMZ would randomly stop Milan in LA and film him despite the fact that he hasn’t been on TV since Love & Hip Hop

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