the “b” will always remain silent in “lgbt” until…?

bisexuality is always a touchy subject we font about a lot.
as you know in the “lgbt“,
the “b” always tends to be silent.
for some,
you’re either straight or fitting in somewhere within the community.
i saw this video the other day by ^that gentleman.
his name is obio and he wanted to discuss bisexuality in his latest youtube video…

he is fine af and i would swallow him whole…

…but we’ll get into him (or vice versa) in a few.

honestly i feel like…

Some straights and gays are pretty much the same as far as harsh judgment to others is concerned.

folks are always barking for someone to “live their truth“,
but as soon as a black male says they’re truthfully bi,
there is no acceptance of his life.

“No you’re not!
You’re gay!”

um ok.
what if he is genuinely bi?
what if he find both sexes genuinely attractive?
bisexual vixens don’t have a lot of pressure on them.
they can eat 1,000 cat sammiches and decided to be straight with no judgment.
a black male does it and he is shamed into picking a side,
one of which won’t be with a black vixen unless she is really open and understanding.

bisexual males won’t win within society because many of them have been accused of being liars.
most dl males tend to be bisexual and you know how that story often goes.
i feel like because of that stigma,
many black bisexual males choose to keep their sexuality to themselves.
on the flip side…

Bisexuals need to be honest with themselves.

they need to not be on a world tour of “lets see how many different genders i can fuck this year“.
hook ups and fwb don’t need an explanation besides safe sex practices.
dating and getting into a relationship with someone requires honesty and the truth.
that’s my thoughts on that.
obio tho…

“oh hi biceps…”
“oh hi torso…”


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i can hear the wonderful sounds of my walls adjusting for his stay inside me.

low-key: i messed with bi wolves before.
they were upfront,
the vibe was right,
and the sex was even better.
i don’t really care about shit like this,
but others take it so serious like it’s life ending.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “the “b” will always remain silent in “lgbt” until…?”

  1. Let people be who they want to be.
    Obio is fine and charming….I’ll take 3 please. One for each meal.

  2. Most of the guys I’ve dated in the past have been bisexual. They don’t seem as hung up on masculinity as many gay men can be.

    I get a lot of flak from bisexuals for saying this but I don’t care. Bisexuals have to fight for their inclusion. No one can do that for them. Straight allies didn’t win our battle for us. We did by coming out of the closet. The more bi people who are out of the closet the more bi people will be accepted.

    It’s the same with masculine gay men. They complain that gay men are seen as feminine. That’s because feminine gay men are reliably out of the closet and masculine gay men often duck back in when it gets tough. If all people see are feminine gay men they’ll assume gay men are feminine. If all people see is DL cheating bisexuals they’ll assume all bisexuals are cheaters. You change that by being open about who you are. If you’re a bit man in a straight relationship let people know you are bisexual. If you are a masculine gay man let people know you are gay.

    1. ^loooooooooooooooooooove this comment b!

      i agree with dating bisexuals.
      i hate to say that i vibed with them more than i hate with gay males.

      is that wrong to say that out loud?

      1. No, I’ve always felt that bi men generally let you be yourself more often and don’t say flip shit when you aren’t playing a roll. The exception are the ones who fetishize feminity. I avoid them like the plague. But most bi guys will let you have a masculine and feminine side without acting like you need to pick one. I’ve never had a bi guy say he was taking my gay card.

        1. ^i feel ill ultimately get with a bi male like the one you described.
          i’m okay as long as he isn’t using dl behavior to make his insecurities with being bi.

  3. Another day another bisexual whining. The main problem is they gotta remind everybody they’re bi 24 hours 7 days a week. Motherfuckers need to just go ahead and get BISEXUAL tattooed on their foreheads. It’s not the straights or gays fault that bisexuals offer no stability. I hate seeing bisexual’s straight spouses, arguing on gay videos about bi discrimination. Like why even. Who cares, they’re married to you now. There’s just no security there. And that’s how it’s always going to be. I say to them the same thing I say to fat and fem gays always complaining no one wants them for them. DATE EACH OTHER!

    1. @Normie LOL

      Thank you! They stay whining about “bi-erasure.” As if that’s a thing. And speaking of “bisexuals” I’ve never met a so called bisexual in my life who wasn’t an absolute narcissist and a bottom lol. They truly believe both genders NEED them. And they go on throughout life with this faux altruism that may impress you on the first two dates but you quickly realize it’s all a bunch of bullshat. 🙄

  4. My first boyfriend was bisexual and I was in my early 20s , at that time I’ll admit I had a hard time wrapping my head around the concept and I think he used it to his advantage ( he kinda was a bit of an asshole) He would do things like saying he thought a random girl was hot and he wanted to sleep with her in front of me to see my reaction and other types of shady shit. Needless to say from then I kinda kept my distance from bisexuals. Side note: Obio has no business being this level fine .

  5. I don’t have an issue with bisexuals or pansexuals. I do think that homophobia pushes some bisexual men to choose or at least leads them to announce their attraction to women when they are more gay-leaning. But that’s on society, not bisexual men.

  6. He doesn’t identify as bisexual, but follows mostly gay men. I’m confused on his stance? Was this just to shed light on the topic?

  7. “they need to not be on a world tour of “lets see how many different genders i can fuck this year“.

    I find it interesting that a gay man would say some shit like this, especially since gay men are known to be highly promiscuous themselves.

  8. The reason women can freely be bisexual and take no flack for it is because men can accept it, and many are turned on by it.

    Women aren’t really into men being with men. Most hate it because of their own insecurities and the idea a man would choose a man over them. Especially if that man is not effeminate.

    I appreciated the overall understanding of the post and some of the comments. But most of these comments just prove gay men don’t see bisexual men as part of their community. Yall have more heart for lesbians and trans people and include them. Y’all don’t show the same kinship for us.

  9. But within the first 2 minutes he says he doesn’t even identify as bisexual so, what’s the point? Is this click-bait, a sociology project, what? I’m not saying you HAVE to be bisexual to try to understand their plight or anything but it helps.

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