the “b” will always remain silent in “lgbt” until…?

bisexuality is always a touchy subject we font about a lot.
as you know in the “lgbt“,
the “b” always tends to be silent.
for some,
you’re either straight or fitting in somewhere within the community.
i saw this video the other day by ^that gentleman.
his name is obio and he wanted to discuss bisexuality in his latest youtube video…
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lamont johnson gets the groceries eaten

*the following entry is rated xxx.
viewer discretion is strongly advised.


**if you gonna be getting the “onlyfans” bag,
you need to give updates as much as you can.
this 1 or 2 times a month shit will get your ass cancelled.
we need to see variety too.
you not gonna be sailing by with a dick pics either.

now let’s get into the entry at paw

so we can count on lamont johnson to give videos and pics.
he doesn’t have to allegedly steal someone else.
i think he is starting to head in the right direction too.
i will admit,
he was looking real lost in the beginning,
but i think he’s finding his way on “onlyfans”.
from what i’ve seen,
he has been giving updates every night.
this wolf gets a TON of pussy too.
he doesn’t have to lie on his pipe like the others.
atlanta vixens are showing him a lot of love.
so he has started putting his biggest feature to good use.
everyone wanted him to start getting his bunz eaten.

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