lamont johnson gets the groceries eaten

*the following entry is rated xxx.
viewer discretion is strongly advised.


**if you gonna be getting the “onlyfans” bag,
you need to give updates as much as you can.
this 1 or 2 times a month shit will get your ass cancelled.
we need to see variety too.
you not gonna be sailing by with a dick pics either.

now let’s get into the entry at paw

so we can count on lamont johnson to give videos and pics.
he doesn’t have to allegedly steal someone else.
i think he is starting to head in the right direction too.
i will admit,
he was looking real lost in the beginning,
but i think he’s finding his way on “onlyfans”.
from what i’ve seen,
he has been giving updates every night.
this wolf gets a TON of pussy too.
he doesn’t have to lie on his pipe like the others.
atlanta vixens are showing him a lot of love.
so he has started putting his biggest feature to good use.
everyone wanted him to start getting his bunz eaten.


dare i font that i’m impressed?
he has been really taking some risks out here.
he has done sex vids in all kinds of angles,
the dick actually looks appealing in all pics,
and now he is getting those big butt cheeks munched on.
i’m sure that won’t be the only angle to come.
i’d font he’s winning in the straight attentionisto “onlyfans”.
the rest need to catch up or cancel.

check out lamont’s: onlyfans

21 thoughts on “lamont johnson gets the groceries eaten

  1. these young men out here damn near selling their souls to get on. posing nude for Marvin Biename or however you say his name, just for a quick cameo in a video, a commercial or a guest appearance on a tyler perry production, only to be forgotten later. Whatever happened to professional modeling, or acting. But im not knocking it i just hope they understand that it doesnt last forever

  2. Call me crazy but this isn’t appealing to me. I don’t find anything exciting about seeing a woman eat a guy out and even with Lamont being fine and all, this just isn’t it IMO but if you like it i love it

  3. I subscribed to his OnlyFans and tbh his vids and pics are hella sexy. And he posts almost every day with actual good content.

  4. Hate that beard. It looks not so good on some dudes. I think he’s cute but I think his cuteness also reminds me Odell because of that beard (Odell looks good with his.)

    Good for him though that.l he’s posting good content for his fans.

    I also agree with someone else. These attentionistos have an expiration date but hey, get it while you’re still fresh I suppose.

    1. I actually decided to watch the vid and well…it’s okay but he looks dead. The Str8s are horrible at rimjob stuff. I’d be terrified of those claws she/he has for nails. It’s like getting ate out by Wolverine from X-Men. Beserker Barrage!!!!

      But it’s a nice lil vid for what it’s giving for him. He has a nice body

      When I actually was sexual active in the past, if I did eat a guy’s buns (after making sure he was clean and washed properly – I’m low-key paranoid of all the stuff you catch back there)I’d probably have him in some other positions instead of that one.


      Remember folks, if you are new to butt eating (especially women): Please use a dental dam! There are things soap and water can’t get rid of and you have to realize you are putting your mouth/tongue in around someone anus where your body gets rid of the stuff it doesn’t want.

      Also, unlike women, men have hairy butts which traps bacteria much more easily, so a shaved guy helps out a great deal.

      I know I sound like some boring sex instructor from Maine but if you’re not in a monogamous relationship and “eating booty like groceries” because it’s become so trendy this generation, you can checkout Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Herpes, Chlamydia and Intestinal parasites in your cart too from putting your tongue in someones butt. Don’t be a fool trying to follow trends. Educate yourself first cause you DONT want any of that in your mouth and if you need some reassurance, go to Google images and see what it’s like to actually get an oral STI. It ain’t cute and some things ain’t curable…with new strains becoming more and more resistant to antibiotics. Use that barrier. If needed, get a flavored one if you can’t bare the taste of the material.


      1. Bithc please. You know good and damn well you ain’t getting no dental dam out for oral. You sleeping around with nasty folk. You shouldn’t be eating booty if you’re not in a committed relationship. Dental Dam! WTF? MY DAMN. You’re that one self-righteous punk that comes into a forum to preach. Have a seat.

      2. A fox troll. I think you might be the second one I’ve ever had since I’ve been on here.

        It’s very rare for me to aquire a troll. So I know from your post you’re a frequent lurker (or poster) of this blog under the guise of an attacker…. Hmmmm..🤔

        Listen. You don’t know me & from your language & negativity I don’t want to know you. I do thank you for taking the time to read through my long sermon though and finding it meaningful enough comment your dissatisfaction.

        I have another sermon for you to digest…

        Your negativity will never counter my positivity & empathy for the safety of others. You are free to do as you wish. You are grown and that’s your choice.

        I have nothing bad to say about you and after this post I will wash my hands and send you on your way with no further recognition.

        Be blessed in all your doings and remember this: “What you are will show in what you do. Even a fool is considered wise until he parts his lips negatively and removes all doubt.”

        You have a great day today sir (or ma’am). 😃

  5. Oh my gosh!!! I wish it was longer. Lamont is so freaking gorgeous from his hair, face, eyes, skin, lips, body, and that sexy beauty mark on his face, damn he fine. I have never subscribed to an onlyfans, but I think I’m close to it.

    1. Ha, I was scrollin down waitin’ for this…I immediately thought the same damn thing, esp when I seen dem thick ass fingers w/ the ‘look-at-me-I have turquoise-bear-claws-for-nails” nails…idk, ijs…

  6. I really hope he’s saving and investing his money because a lot of the shit he’s doing now will come back to haunt him. All of these attention whore have an expiration date. ex: What happened to Rafael Leonidas?

  7. I find him to be a beautiful man.. love his build..not too muscular, but healthy looking with a beautiful face.. sexy as Fk.

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