being ignorant is the real comfort

i don’t know about you,
but i love getting comfortable.
nothing is more relaxing to me than being curled up,
wrapped up in my favorite comforter,
in full “relax” mode away from the outside world.
whether it’s bedding or clothing,
we all like to feel comfortable in some way.
it might be a bad thing in other ways tho.
so being that i’m in heavy budget mode,
i loved to rock shit out of h&m.
we’re family here and i’m honest.
i’m one who can pair cheap shit and make it look good.
i’m really not a “brands” fox.
you know the types that HAVE to let us know they rock brands.
star fox taught me early how to look good for less.
so after i found out that company was allegedly racist,
i was damn near devastated!
there was a lot of excuses to justify why i would still rock their shit.
it was like finding out your current boyfriend ain’t shit,
but you gotta question if you want to give up that glorious dick or not.
that’s how i feel about the attentionistos out here…

it’s comfort in the not knowing

let me explain

we see these fine wolves,
with the chesticals and the bawdies,
and we get invested in the fantasy of the pictures.
it’s like a magazine that gets updated daily with thirst traps.
we don’t really know how these are outside of that.
this is one of the reasons i suggest they stay silent.
they tend to fuck up putting the whole feets in their mouths.
it sucked donkey balls finding out shawn wells “allegedly” jacked those pipe pics.
in fantasy mode,
we all wanted to suck his “alleged” donkey balls.
in reality mode,
after that shit got revealed,
he looked real corny.
his alleged bad behavior started leaking from the foxhole too.

how “homophobic” he is
how he blocks males from his ig

…and other shit if you really wanna dig for it.

lowkey: he pulled some shady shit with me so he was already in grounds for cancellation.
it’s sorta different if i don’t know you,
but once you treat me a certain way,
it’s over for you.
i don’t get treated like no stray dog out here.

sidebar: didn’t i call it that an “onlyfans” would ruin his mystique and sex appeal?

i think many gays find comfort in not knowing about straight attentionistos
people as whole,
we all know of” things,
but don’t really want to know.
chinese food may allegedly have cats in it,
some black folks did vote for trump.
and our favorite celebs are real demons behind the scenes.
we don’t even want to know certain things about family and friends.
life might be better if we stay ignorant to things that make us happy
(or horny).
so i had to wonder that even after finding out the real truth,
even about certain straights…

Do most of us not care to fuck up our “comfort”?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “being ignorant is the real comfort”

  1. You seem to be full of good thought today. That’s good news.

    I think some folks like to stay in their comfort zone, which is okay sometimes but shouldn’t be a life long goal. Adversity builds character.

    There’s an interesting saying that mentions “If you stay hungry, you stay foolish.”

    The best people can make budget things look like royalty.

    Steve Jobs once said: “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and follower.” Time to lead the pack.

    It takes only one time for someone to respond negativiely with me and show their true colors. After that, it’s an automatic cancel. I cut them off immediately and move on. There are billions of people on this or even ten thousand disgruntled people isnt going to end you. 😂

    A wise lady always told me: “Never let them clip your wings.”

    Your comment about the gays obsessing over these straight men & fantasy type men rings true because some have lost their lives over this fantasy.

    The most important thing to remember is ignorance isn’t immnue to consequence.

    1. ^”It takes only one time for someone to respond negativiely with me and show their true colors. After that, it’s an automatic cancel. I cut them off immediately and move on”

      ☝🏽 this.
      i am the same way jammy.
      i’ve stopped making excuses this last year or two.
      i love this whole comment jammy.
      you stay bringing the intelligence!

      1. You gotta stay positive fox bro in this negative world. When I got my new job I was ready. I go in every situation headstrong now more than ever.

        I told you in one past post, you are constantly tested to see how you will respond to things. I got tried on my first day but by a random person. Not on my job. It was a driver who literally cursed at me out of nowhere. I was offended for real. I was ready to blow but then I thought…hold up…this is a test…

        Remain positive at all costs. It can be hard. You do be wanting to “clapback” but then when you think about it….For what?

        Life is too short..When you cut someone off, don’t be nasty…be generous
        You keep that energy and spread more positive vibes and that’s what attracts the people that will matter to you. The keepers. You stop looking at what you don’t have and appreciating what is in front of you and boy…doors start and women start noticing the vibe you got and they love it..they want to be around you because you emulate good vibes.

        And best of all, once you become clairvoyant, you can’t spot the devil “enemy” in someone quick and cancel that negative vibe straight up.

        It’s all about renewing your mind and attracting what YOU want in your life and repelling what you don’t.

        Have a fantastic day today and keep your head up! Stay positive!😘🙋

      2. And I meant *can* spot. You can definitely spot when someone is going to be a “future problem” by observing how they treat others presently.

      3. As Maya Angelou said, once someone shows you who they are the first time, believe them.
        People that are all nice and shyt, then go psycho mode the moment you say or do something they don’t like..their ass gets canceled QUICK!

        I work with a few people like that, and now if they call or email me, they get answered towards the end of the day…no matter how “important” it is. I don’t fuck with cray-cray. Stay away from me with that foolishness.

        These attentionistos are funny. Most of them should just sit back and be quiet. I’m sure there are people out there with receipts to get their asses canceled by the female community with a quickness. If t was me, and I know I’ve done some suspect shyt to make some extra dollars…I’d be quiet. Not saying Shawn has done anything. LOL

  2. I felt the same way about h&m, I really did a lot of shopping there for quality items I kind of miss it but I’ve been really good at avoiding them no need i have boohoo, asos, f21 and others that fill that void especially f21.

    A lot of these guys really benefited from being sexy af and silent well some were average looking but had abs & still benefited because the gays were/still are into them (ex: deven, Lamont, hill, khalil, etc.). You kind of hate knowing that the fantasy is definitely just that a fantasy but honestly it helps in not wasting your time, money, &/or fantasy space. Lol

      1. yeah I agree I hate that it’s like that but that’s really what it is. I remember I didn’t know what Amber rose sounded like and I low-key kind of miss that she was sexy and dressed nice and was just all of those things.

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