so i did the whole 9 hours of aretha franklin’s homegoing and well…

so i just got back from a funeral ya’ll.
it lasted 9 hours,
but it was only fitting for a queen.
the queen of soul,
miss aretha franklin.
all i gotta font was…


i didn’t want to turn the tv off.
i sat there like i did with michael and whitney.
if i had the funds and the power,
i would have been there with a front row seat.
my only complaints are ariana grande and faith hill.

faith was completely off and ariana couldn’t keep up.
everyone is going on on ariana’s dress.
i don’t see the issue.
i’m also confused where were our current black celebrities??????
a legend,
who broke down barriers,
passed away and most of our singers werent in attendance.
what tf was that about?
i was a little confused why obama and michelle weren’t there either.
everything else was pretty good tho.
these three:

the clark sisters.
jennifer holliday at the end.
this is what black gospel is all about.
they all made me feel it in my soul.

i cried like a baby when they wheeled the coffin out.
that part is always traumatizing.
that’s when your anxiety kicks in because you know it’s about to be over.
that’s the end of their journey here on earth.
i’m glad we have her extensive music catalog to indulge in.
i hope all the foxhole takes a moment to listen to aretha’s work.
she has music for your worst days and your best.
her music will continue to live on for generations to come.
like tyler perry said,
i’m glad i’m aliveto witness just a fraction of aretha franklin.
may she rest peacefully.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

20 thoughts on “so i did the whole 9 hours of aretha franklin’s homegoing and well…”

  1. The Obamas were at John Mccain funeral. They were both at the same time. Clearly John’s ended a lot earlier than the Queen.

    1. Why do you Obama stans insist on being loud and wrong about this? Aretha Franklin’s funeral was Friday, August 31, 2018. John McCain’s funeral, the one where Obama and Bush gave eulogies at, was Saturday, September 1, 2018. Bill Clinton was at BOTH services, so the Obamas could have gone to both services, too. Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton, like the Obamas, are under Secret Service protection, so what was the issue? Michelle and the girls’ could have gone to Aretha’s at least, but that was too much like doing right, apparently. If y’all wanna keep making excuses for the Obamas, make it make sense.

      1. @daclassyman, are you trolling or do you really not understand? Aretha Franklin’s funeral was Friday, ONE DAY BEFORE John McCain’s funeral, which was Saturday. There were folks who went to both funerals. Those are the facts. Y’all are acting like the funerals were on the same day and there was a conflict––there wasn’t. John McCain called Barack Obama in April, not Feb, and asked him to give one of the many eulogies, so Obama had ample time to work on the eulogy, and attend both funerals, had he wanted to. Obama had every right to skip either or, or both, but the fact that y’all are still making nonsensical excuses for Obama about Aretha Franklin’s funeral just tells me y’all know he made an error in judgement.

  2. Tyler Perry and the cast of the Haves and the Have Nots were there lol. Faith and Ariana were out of there element and I agree I saw no problem with Ariana’s dress. I don’t feel like they were as bad as everyone said they were but they were not up to par with true gospel singers.

  3. I watched all of it as well and had the biggest problem with Rev. Jasper Williams. I felt like his words were judgmental and divisive. But i have never been one for the typical black church. I also didnt like Dyson’s shade of the Obamas – not necessary. Unfortunately, i had been watching the Holy Ghost Enforcers parody on YouTube so a lot of the homegoing was lowkey comical…my faves were Chaka, Gladys and Cicely Tyson’s monologue. Fantasia seemed suprisingly subdued (for her) and JHud looked fantastic. I just think of Ariana like the little girl in church who sings and gets sympathy applause because “she’s cute”. Although she deserved a spankin’ for that short ass dress🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    1. ^yeah wtf was dyson even talkin about?!
      you caught the “gays need to respect the straights and straights need to respect the gays” part?

  4. I don’t remember hearing anything about gays or straights being mentioned but he was definitely doing the most with the “queen of souls” rhetoric like she is on par with the King of Kings. No sir, he needed to be sat down because now you just putting on and doing the most. Speaking of doing the most… it was a lot of that going on from Bill Clinton talking about Aretha lying about her illness to Ron Isley begging God for one more day it seemed to Tyler Perry thinking he’s a part time minister. Also that minister that gave the eulogy was all over the place. He spoke truth (at least my truth) but he needs to update his sermon for today’s generation. Most of my peers are from single parent families or have their own single parent family. He sounded very judgmental and the very reason why people don’t like church as it is. He wasted a great opportunity. I doubt he was trying to reach the young anyways.

    I love me some Faith Hill, I think she is hands down the “Whitney” of the country genre. But she sounded a hoarse, winded mess and never found her footing in the song. Don’t get it twisted she deserved to be there because she is iconic, influenced by Aretha and is a friend. She had an off day but what’s unfortunate is idk the last time people have heard her sing so she’s gonna be taken to task. Ariana can sing very well and a younger pop artist needed to be there but NOT her. Where was JoJo or Tori Kelly? Hell Kelly Clarkson would have tore it up. Her dress was too short, this is a church so have some respect. I think Hudson sounded a loud ass mess. She has ZERO musical sense about her voice. I don’t care how hard people try but she will never be vocally on the level of Aretha or any great from the 90’s and prior. Kelly Price or Jazmine Sullivan could have easily replaced her. Cicely baby, I don’t even know what the point was with that script you read.

    Chaka, Clark Sisters, Yolanda, Fantasia, Shirley, Gladys and Ms. Holiday did their good singing for the Queen. All are icons in their own right. Always a pleasure to be in the presence of Wonder. I also enjoyed Smokey.

    There were a lot of good speeches mostly from the unknown friends of the family or the local Detroit heroes. I enjoyed Judge Mathis and him spilling tea and reading the governor. There were so many ministers that I forget which one I liked. Overall I was pleased with what they did for Aretha. A celebration fit for a Queen.

  5. P.S: Wyatt from the haves and haves not is so damn sexy. I’d let that white boy have me anyway he liked. Also Aretha’s grandson is a cutie. Too bad that he’s probably a decade too young.

  6. Oh let’s not forget the opera singers. I enjoyed the last one that did the gospel song. I’m like I have never heard anything like it but I loved it.

    I really wish I had the patience to get into opera but they always seem so long winded or just overwrought that I can’t. I’d love to go on an opera date with my man and some friends. Just bougie af but cute. LOL

    Jamari, I was hoping you would do a post on it. We could have watched it together and kiki’d.

  7. I didn’t watch all of it.Regarding Ariana and Faith,Aretha was a fan of both.She sang a duet with Faith.And in 2015 Hoda Kotb asked Aretha who would she like to do a duet with and she said Ariana.The interview was on Hoda’s radio show on Sirius.

    My favorite performances were Fantasia and JHud.I haven’t listen to the speakers mentioned yet but I loved hearing from Aretha’s grandkids and niece and nephew.They really humanized her,I got teary eyed thinking about how they no longer have their granny/aunt 😢

  8. There are some events that do not need any distractions or unnecessary commentary. Aretha’s funeral was one of those events. When you are privileged to witness greatness in all it’s forms, you just shut the fuck up…..and breathe…and listen.

    Farewell my Queen Aretha.

  9. I was out of the Country on vacation and missed it, but I could not believe that this funeral was this long. I saw snippets on CNN International, it will probably take me a minute to really take it all in, it seems unreal that she is no longer here. It is amazing that when you leave the US and come back how much you miss. I am catching up on everything after a much needed vacation. I am starting by reading the BLOGS about this funeral and everything else that I missed. RIP Aretha.

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