being ignorant is the real comfort

i don’t know about you,
but i love getting comfortable.
nothing is more relaxing to me than being curled up,
wrapped up in my favorite comforter,
in full “relax” mode away from the outside world.
whether it’s bedding or clothing,
we all like to feel comfortable in some way.
it might be a bad thing in other ways tho.
so being that i’m in heavy budget mode,
i loved to rock shit out of h&m.
we’re family here and i’m honest.
i’m one who can pair cheap shit and make it look good.
i’m really not a “brands” fox.
you know the types that HAVE to let us know they rock brands.
star fox taught me early how to look good for less.
so after i found out that company was allegedly racist,
i was damn near devastated!
there was a lot of excuses to justify why i would still rock their shit.
it was like finding out your current boyfriend ain’t shit,
but you gotta question if you want to give up that glorious dick or not.
that’s how i feel about the attentionistos out here…

it’s comfort in the not knowing

let me explain

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