tarek ali’s next youtube video will be “how to get dragged by black twitter”

thinking back,
i don’t think i’ve ever fonted anything wild disrespectful on social media.
i’ve been honest about my lustful thoughts about wolves i’ve liked,
but i’m think i’m rather boring compared to others who font with no fucks.
i was just admiring tarek ali‘s skin the other day.
i know him as a make up guru on youtube.
i was saying to myself that even without make up,
he has a “glow from within“.
well just as i was admiring him,
i’m on the way to supreme judgment all thanks to black twitter.
someone pulled his old tweets and well…

he was really nasty back in the day.
maybe he has grown since then?

Did he not think he would gain fame in the future?

you should always carry yourself like you are going places.
even if you’re a nobody today,
that doesn’t mean you’ll be that way in the future.
you never know what will happen in a few weeks,
or even within a year.
because of the dragging,
he turned his comments off and went on a supreme blocking spree:

this always proves to me that most of these folks aren’t truly equipped for fame.
some folks truly need to attend thebeyonce school of public persona“.

he has since explained and apologized his past tweets:

13 and saying he wanted to rape someone who was following him?

while this rona is going on,
i think everyone needs to go through their old tweets.
even if you were tweeting while on ya mama’s titty,
get to deleting before it’s too late.

low-key: i always believe black folks,
no matter the sexuality,
need to handle fame or celebrity differently than our white counterparts.

27 thoughts on “tarek ali’s next youtube video will be “how to get dragged by black twitter”

  1. Imagine if a Jewish gay said “During the Holocaust, gays were targeted as well. If you wouldn’t get gassed in the Holocaust, retweet. Masc/Straight-acting only”

    He used his education to belittle and condescend and put down his own people.

    And Jamari, he was 17, not 13.

  2. Chile just the other day he called Mariah Carey fat and Ugly! Man he still looking for attention!

  3. I used to watch him some years ago, I stopped because getting life advice from an early twenty something is not it.
    These comments show that he was pretty toxic as a young person (not all teens are like that, I sure wasn’t)

    The thing is ,people have said he is changed. How do you know that? What are you basing this “change” on ? Aging doesn’t automatically change your might set. You have to work at it, or those toxic beliefs solidify. Let’s stop pretending that awful teens grow up into great adults. Many times awful teens grow into awful adult, and then have awful kids.

    1. Agreed Mansur,

      I agree . It just bothers me that he was a teen in the 2000’s.A time far removed from “Slavery”. Yet some remain broken. It breaks my heart that black people are vocal about their disdain for darker skin tone!!!!!!!. He is a result of being raised in an environment that accepted and encouraged him to post these disturbing statements.

      1. I never got dark skin hate. I am light skin my mother is light skin, but I have a darker skinned sister and a darker skinned brother. How can you hate your own, hate yourself.

        I realize the colorism goes back to the house slave field slave mentality, but at the end of the day we are all black. To non black people we are just black.

        1. I have dark skin with siblings ranging from very light to very dark.

          I never heard my mother, or father elude to “complexion ” when describing someone ever!!!.

          These phrases were never uttered in my home:

          “She’s pretty FOR A DARK GIRL[ dark]
          “He’s handsome with GOOD HAIR”[ light ]
          “Fat , ‘BLACK AND UGLY”[ dark]
          “SHE THINKS SHES CUTE”( Light)

          Whenever someone likes me : * “YOUR A Handsome DARK man
          * “Your that GOOD BLACK
          *I ” like me some CHOCOLATE”

          So I’m numb to to it all until I read a story like this one.( sad)

      2. He wasn’t a teen in the 2000s, he was a teen in the 2010s. I feel like those are two very different decades to come of age. Especially when it comes to what was going on during the 2010s with all the wokeness.

  4. I’ve said some things when I was younger that I shouldn’t have said such as, “I will only date black guys.” You would never think for one minute I’d end up with a Latino or someone outside my race because I was focused color-struck. I liked light skinned boys for a little while too..that weird phase. All I used to think about.

    Once again, social media proves its toxicity though.

    It’s also hard to gauge what someone really is like unless you know them personally. People put on a show all the time for visual purposes but are different when you meet them in person… This can be good or bad. I’ve never really watched him to be honest…so I don’t know much else about him but I know a lot of folks are not as “nice” as they pretend to be online all the time..

    Also, people apologize all the time but that doesn’t mean they are actually sincere. Just like when someone says, “Imma pray for you.” Doesn’t mean they actually will do it. Some Folks get accustomed to saying these things just to shut people up.

    I have no issues with men in make up. Makeup is artistic and also, a lot of male actors wear makeup for movie scenes and photography. I mean I don’t get into it and my man sure as hell don’t like it either but it’s fine as long as it’s tasteful.

    Personally if that was me, I wouldn’t apologize to none of them. It’s amazing how much social media runs these people lives. I wouldn’t have said a word. I would never let some jealous hoe over the internet get me in shambles like that…I’m too successful and blessed to pressed and stressed. I bet most of those clowns are probably broke, sitting in their parents basement trolling because they miserable.

    However, it’s stuff like this that made me glad I didn’t cave into pressure to publicly post naked photos or even do things like Onlyfans. Like folks might not see it now but one day…ALL.the shit just may resurface and it only takes one person to screenshot and spread it and it end up ruining your newest contract deal or something.

    You see how it becomes a problem when you have your face attached to verifiable content.

    You just might get an offer to get promoted to something special until that picture of you with a dick in your mouth resurfaces and they drop you….

    And the way social media hands out social “justice” these days….what reputable company wants someone with they ass and dick all out over the internet?

    Black Twitter is also picky and choosey about what they want to cancel too..

  5. Eh, he was an asshole as a teen 🤷🏾‍♂️ It happens, lol baby if you could hear some of the shit I said at 15 in 2004, I’d have NO friends at 31 lol I mean seriously, and he’s not “famous” he’s just popular in the gay/ make-up YouTube community, so no I dnt expect this media Savy person, for the record I ’m not defending him but I watch some of his videos & he was also extremely insecure in high school, overweight etc. so I’m sure some of that self-hate he projected on others, this is not something I’m bout to lose sleep over

  6. Chile, I was problematic af back in the day too. Said and did a whole lot of things that don’t reflect my current beliefs, values, and perspectives. Only difference between me and them is back then (as now) I didn’t/don’t have social media. Now, if someone got a hold of old text messages, that’d be another story…lol.

    As someone who watched Tarek Ali, I can definitely say I don’t think those tweets reflect who he is in current year at all. He has apologized for them. So, is he cancelled in my book? But others are allowed to do as they see fit.

    1. I agree I haven’t seen anything from him as an adult that suggest he still holds those some same beliefs, so I’m not gonna get pressed over what a 15 year old said in 2013

    2. I guess, some dark skinned wolves/hybrids will fantasize about fucking the colorism outta him too. Yawn…Next

      1. I guess, some dark skinned wolves/hybrids will fantasize about fucking the colorism outta him too. Yawn…Next


      2. I’m actually the same skin tone as Tarek, a proud bottom, and…while I think Tarek is a handsome man, men who wear make-up aren’t my cup of tea. 🙂

      1. No not really but I find that most black people of a lighter hue thinks that way about darker people. Plus he’s one of those “safe blacks” if you know what I mean…. and in this day and age I question the character of any black person who plays respectability politics.

        1. Exactly! I find they get much more grace for their mistakes than their darker counterparts that are not seen as conventionally attractive.

          You see all the other light skin gays accepting his apology like he offended them in the first place.

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