christian cooper wasn’t just a “birdwatcher” (jokes on you karen)

“central park karen” fucked with the wrong birdwatcher.
i love when idiots fuck with,
or fuck over,
with the wrong people.

Everyone doesn’t flex their resumes on social media.

everyone meet christian cooper.
i’m sure you’re all familiar with him by now.
he was the birdwatcher that a karen ruined her own life over.
job lost,
dog taken away,
and being publicly shamed even tho we are all inside at the moment.

a whole mess.
 karen has gone down into the depths of hell,
but christian and his background rose tf up.
a foxholer sent me a little of christian’s resume and well…

Meanwhile, more information is surfacing about Cooper and he has an extensive history in LGBTQ+ activism.

According to GAY USA, Cooper was a co-chair of the board of directors of the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) in the late ’80s, “at a time when GLAAD was still a grass-roots, New York-based group organizing protest rallies against anti-gay violence, actions against the New York Post for its homophobic coverage, and television appearances to correct misleading programming about LGBT lives.”

Chris also brought his activism to the comic book world. While he worked as a writer and editor for Marvel Comics, he was the assistant editor to the comic book that featured Marvel’s first out superhero. He also is the creator of Marvel’s first lesbian central character. He eventually created and authored the Internet’s lamented LGBTQ superhero epic “QUEER NATION: THE ONLINE GAY COMIC”.

Christian also put in work on the governing level when he organized the political action committee (PAC) No More REPublicans Toying with Your Life (No More REPTYLs) in response to the continued suppression of basic LGBTQ legislation in New York State by the Republican majority in the state’s senate.

Christian did all of this along with being a Harvard graduate, a film reviewer, and an avid birdwatcher. He was featured in the documentary “Birders: The Central Park Effect”, and according to GAY USA, the reason Christian is out and about bird-watching in May is because the month “coincides with the peak of spring migration.” 

Christian is also an author of prose, including the book “Songs of the Metamythos”, which is “a journey through a new mythology inclusive of all ethnicities and sexual/gender identities.”

we stan a good resume.
“central park karen” didn’t know who she was fuckin’ with.

these days,
it seems a lot of white folks are learning they don’t know who they’re fuckin with.
they always have this “boomer” mentality,
even if they’re young.
they think they can be racist in a forest that won’t record and get you up outta here.
i’m glad we are continuing to teach them.

article cc: newsone

10 thoughts on “christian cooper wasn’t just a “birdwatcher” (jokes on you karen)

  1. Ok while y’all talking about who he going to bed with, I was excited like a lil kid soon as I heard Marvel. This man works with Marvel! How the fuck we get birdwatcher. Muthafucka he created a gay Marvel character! He is a part of the largest groups ever. Marvel doesn’t see color or sexuality. The King of Asgard is a woman! Not to mention that we may still have a Ironman and end up calling her Ironwoman. Pepper Pots was the female Ironman or did everybody think it was Tony and Rhodes. Maybe I’m the only Marvel fanatic here at the moment but the simple fact I can see an email with a Marvel letterhead on it going to Amy “Karen” Cooper’s job headquarters. Look how fast she got everything snatched from her with just a video that most people like her still have.

  2. Suddenly, I’m a bird. The definition of Daddy. 2020 is the year I’ve told myself if he’s a catch and he’s his partner ain’t Black…he’s single. I’m no longer being shocked by interracial dating, I’m just swiping dudes. White people get too much and way with the rest. I’m taking the niggas back. That’s on ancestors.

  3. Yes, Mr. Cooper sure has a fine resume and body to match. He is quite literally the man you want to walk through airports with and have your passports stamped lol…

    But um, as we know, most things are too good to be true. I wonder what “type of guys” he shares his intimate spaces with? Is he another Shaun T. or Don Lemon?

      1. I think we have to acknowledge a lack of black representation in higher esteem spaces. You pic your partner from the pool around you. There are more white people in high academic spaces than any other color.

    1. Why does it matter who he spends his intimate space with? Who cares ? If you care, ask your self why? To what benefit does his personal life affect you?

  4. Serves her right! Take that Karen! I bet she’s a sick puppy now. I guess now she’ll go on a apology tour. I tell you, it’s getting harder and harder for me to deal with whites especially the ones on my job. I have to pray constantly for me not to pop one of them! I’m so glad that Christian Cooper videoed the entire incident. Kudos to you Christian for being an outstanding black man.

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