i’m not in a good place today (what’s going on?)

after scrolling through my twitter timeline,
looking at friends ig stories in protest,
and seeing all frustration within the black community,
i just laid on my couch for about 20 minutes staring out the window.
things are so horrible right now.

The Rona
All this racism
Black lives being taken
Unemployment at an all time high
The President doing absolutely nothing but just ranting

…and then my own personal life and the issues going on with mi.
it’s like i have no words at this moment about it all.
this is all i could muster up…

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What’s Going On… Seriously.


woke up feeling a little depressed.
paying rent to nothing left in my cc account didn’t help either.
i downloaded this marvin gaye album today.
“what’s going on”.
shieet that’s what i’m asking.
i never heard his music before,
but something inside said give it/him a shot.
 medicine to this soul here.
i’ve already listened to it twice.
soon going for a round three.
i also download sade’s last album.
about to give her a listen when i get off marvin.
whenever that maybe…