What’s Going On… Seriously.


woke up feeling a little depressed.
paying rent to nothing left in my cc account didn’t help either.
i downloaded this marvin gaye album today.
“what’s going on”.
shieet that’s what i’m asking.
i never heard his music before,
but something inside said give it/him a shot.
 medicine to this soul here.
i’ve already listened to it twice.
soon going for a round three.
i also download sade’s last album.
about to give her a listen when i get off marvin.
whenever that maybe…

Author: jamari fox

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14 thoughts on “What’s Going On… Seriously.”

  1. As someone over 30, I was fortunate enough to discover my parents musical collection. The music from the 70’s was so deep and earthy and the artistry was like nothing heard since. I would encourage you to take a listen to Nina Simone Baltimore Album, or Aretha Franklin’s Young Gifted and Black or Hey Now the Other Side of the Sky Album, Isaac Hayes Hot Buttered Soul or Black Moses, and of course check out more Marvin Gaye. Also Phyliss Hyman, Anita Baker, from the 80’s. These songs from these artist will give you a new perspective about life. Good listening.

    1. My late Mother was a big Donny Hathaway fan so when I listen to To Be Young Gifted and Black,A Song for you and his cover of What’s Going On I get chills.I prefer his live versions on youtube.Because he died so young alot people aren’t familiar with him.He was a great soul singer from the 70s

      1. I keep forgetting he’s a fellow Leo. I hope he enjoyed his day. I love being a Lion, they represent strength. *Lets out a loud roar* LOL

      2. ^i got some donny just now.
        thank you.
        im listening to issac hayes hot buttered soul now.
        i remember this “walk on by” cut.
        i love this beat and i didn’t even know he was responsible for it.

        i wished kerry a happy birthday on twitter.
        my sexy leo wolf he is.

      3. Dang, I feel like I need a spanking for not mentioning Donny Hathaway being a music head lol. I am a sucker for good earthy churchy vocals and no ones does it better than Aretha, Donny, or Marvin, they have just the right mix to blend the sacred with the profane. Also other good music was Stevie Wonder material from the 70’s before he went to his 80’s pop phase, and Chaka Khan when she was with Rufus. Dont shoot me but Carole King and The Carpenters were also good and people I enjoyed from the 70’s vault. So much good music from this period, but dont want to overload poor Jamari. Sad that all of this good music out here and our ears are assaulted with the likes of Rick Ross, Rihanna, Future, and countless other acts that bring no substance or any message worth repeating. Urban radio is the devil. Thank God for Youtube, Google and other resource that lets you explore music from previous generations.

  2. I listen to a lot of oldies, but I haven’t listened to his music very much. I’ll have to start.

  3. Best Soul album of all time. You should get into his catalog. Gaye was considered by his peers as the best tenor they ever heard.

  4. Marvin Gaye is one of the best musical artists of all time. His music has so much meaning and is a true inspiration. It helps me a lot.

  5. Things will get better..trust me they will. I found that playing gospel music in the morning helps my day go by better. The lyrics will stay with you all day and serve as inspiration. Keep your head up!

  6. damn you took it back 70s on these niggas. those old school albums really capture soul and pain. they sung about something. you can’t get that from beyonce or chris brown shit

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