Charlamagne Thinks Marlon Brando Bended For Black Dick

i hate fox shaming.
it’s so funny when i see it within the community.
for every dick,
there is a hole that needs to be fucked.
i’m just saying.
so ya’ll know i love me some uncle charla.
i value his opinions on things within “the breakfast club”.
i read his book and i love “the brilliant idiots”.
he tweeted today about the quincy jones/marlon brando expose.
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Quincy Jones Had A Lot to Say About Marlon Brando

so quincy jones is doing a lot of talking.
i don’t know if it’s old age,
but he is outing everyone with no fucks to gives.
he claims in a new interview that marlon brando,
the snow wolf ^up there,
was banging some of the greats.
this is what quincy told “vulture”
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Odell Beckham Jr Needs Sexual Healing (Allegedly)

tumblr_ocj52kMkd31r4n4fto1_1280odell beckham jr is such a ham.
you know he’s the star of his own reality show.
everyone around him a “kelly” and a “michelle”.
he just happens to play the “beyonce” very well.
a foxholer sent me ^this picture and the following video.
let’s call it “sexual healing a la mode”.
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What’s Going On… Seriously.


woke up feeling a little depressed.
paying rent to nothing left in my cc account didn’t help either.
i downloaded this marvin gaye album today.
“what’s going on”.
shieet that’s what i’m asking.
i never heard his music before,
but something inside said give it/him a shot.
 medicine to this soul here.
i’ve already listened to it twice.
soon going for a round three.
i also download sade’s last album.
about to give her a listen when i get off marvin.
whenever that maybe…