Odell Beckham Jr Needs Sexual Healing (Allegedly)

tumblr_ocj52kMkd31r4n4fto1_1280odell beckham jr is such a ham.
you know he’s the star of his own reality show.
everyone around him a “kelly” and a “michelle”.
he just happens to play the “beyonce” very well.
a foxholer sent me ^this picture and the following video.
let’s call it “sexual healing a la mode”.


i’d be singing it in a jacuzzi full of meat.
i feel like…
i feel like he does his own personal pr.
he either:

a) knows what he is doing
b) is completely clueless

i don’t see a problem with it,
as straight wolves will damn near dry hump each other,
but i’m sure everyone else has something to say.
call me when he is singing it while playing a meat harmonica.

lowkey: he shouldn’t quit his day job to sing…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “Odell Beckham Jr Needs Sexual Healing (Allegedly)”

  1. I don’t think he cares. I’m starting to think if anything he finds it funny. I love his confidence, more men need it

  2. I love his personality I need to be honest I’m pretty sure we all went to high school or college with Jocks like this who would do some of the gayest things for play play and no one would question it.

  3. I saw this yesterday.Of course on sites like Baller Alert,Shade Room,etc.He basically came out the closet and is the grand marshal in the next gay pride parade👬 according to some of the comments on those sites.

    I am glad he doesn’t seem to give AF about the gay comments.

  4. only Stevie Wonder cant see that OBJ is as FLUID as ever…..he smart and speaks in codes and I hear him loud and clear.

  5. OBJ: DO YOU, GET PAID….Nobody has any business worrying about what goes on under your clothes (granny said don’t talk about people under their clothes).

    I have jerk fantasies, however I want you to GET YOUR LIFE. Misery died in Stephen King’s book. Kill her in yours, too.

  6. Apparently it’s normal for players to get in a tub together for “muscle relaxation” or something along those lines..

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