tapes – fired

with all of my past jobs,
i’ve always put the foxhole first.
no matter what time i came home,
i would hop on the foxhole to catch up.
with this last job,
i noticed i wasn’t doing any of that.
my days were always so busy and by the time i got home,
all i wanted to do was sleep.
not only that…

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Listen To (Mi)

dream-beautiful-dark-forest-Favim.com-500512i had such a long day.
i came in and crashed on the couch.
didn’t even take off my clothes.
just fell out and stayed there.
i haven’t been sleeping so i’m tired.
mi was at work.
when i opened my eyes 2 hours later,
she was on the floor across from me…
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Over Thinking Will Have Your Ass Stagnant In Your Forest

60839-Over-Thinking-Kills-Your-Happinessive been over thinking.
i’ll admit it.
ive also been letting irrelevant things get to me.
this job and just feeling stagnant being one of them.
over thinking + fear + depression =
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What’s Going On… Seriously.


woke up feeling a little depressed.
paying rent to nothing left in my cc account didn’t help either.
i downloaded this marvin gaye album today.
“what’s going on”.
shieet that’s what i’m asking.
i never heard his music before,
but something inside said give it/him a shot.
 medicine to this soul here.
i’ve already listened to it twice.
soon going for a round three.
i also download sade’s last album.
about to give her a listen when i get off marvin.
whenever that maybe…

OMG! You Don’t Want To Feel The Wrath of #yeezus !

kanyewest-mad-jealous-about-amber-wiz-relationshipi didn’t do it,
but if you did ooooooohhhhhh….
youuuu innnnn troubbbblllleeeee…..

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Who Wants To Listen To Songzbird “Chapter 5” Album?


….and you know you have to tell me what you thought.
did you like?
did you hate?
did you just come for the wolves and the drinks?…

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