Over Thinking Will Have Your Ass Stagnant In Your Forest

60839-Over-Thinking-Kills-Your-Happinessive been over thinking.
i’ll admit it.
ive also been letting irrelevant things get to me.
this job and just feeling stagnant being one of them.
over thinking + fear + depression =

“you can’t be a successful blogger.”


“your site is way too ratchet so they won’t give you ads.”

as well as…

“no one will support me.”

= stunted growth.

tumblr_mnq2saExjn1qdvsy1o10_r1_500so as you know,
i been read the alchemist and it spoke about omens (or signs).
the universe,
being the sugar daddy that it is,
will drop gems for us to pick up.
i usually lurk around bk brandon’s page to see his pictures,
but i didn’t actually see “this” until this morning:

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 2.00.41 PMcaptioned: “think without over thinking”.
i head to church this morning,
and as usual,
td jakes speaks about everything i dealt with during the week at service.
today’s service was about faith and fear.
i got some great tweet backs,
but these got to me:

tumblr_m7fzrpzHei1qaho8wwhen i’m completely still,
shutting my mind off,
that’s usually when i hear what i need to hear.
more faith and meditation for 2015?
yeah i think so.

the journey through the forest will head upward.
maybe its time to get a lot of uncomfortable.
from the comments in the “isolation” entry,
to everything that happened today,
i will take them as gems of what i need to start climbing.
oh you do know you are coming right?
i can’t do this alone.
so pack light!
step 2.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Over Thinking Will Have Your Ass Stagnant In Your Forest”

  1. Another example of over thinking is when you are faced with a test of course either in high school or college and you pretty much know the answer, but there are two possible using to much thought on it is over thinking the situation. The same with anything that is going on in life. Under thinking is when one does not look deep into what is going on or just answering without thinking.

  2. I see your point in this entry but it can be hard not to think over and over about the things bothering us. I like the advice that was given to you , but for me when I continue to pray for something or about something over and over I sometimes get it.

    1. Lurker, the topic appears to be “over thinking” to me and it’s harms. At least that’s what I get from the posting. So my comment on “under thinking” is on point and relevant to that. The fair black citizens of Ferguson, MO didn’t “over think”. They “under thought” and that “under thinking” likely resulted in death and destruction.

      In doing a cost/benefit or risk/benefit analysis, “under thinking” is probably much more risky than “over thinking”.

  3. Yea, thinking way too much can hurt you every time, and it might make you paranoid as well.

  4. Jamari, ask the good black citizens of Ferguson, MO. Their under thinking got them one dead black young man and many days of riots. They are a prime example of under thinking: The black people of Ferguson, MO were asleep at the switch. They were not aware and did not take action with the resources they had. In the last municipal elections, only 6% of blacks voted (and 17% of whites voted) so in a town with a population of about 69% blacks, the 6 member city counsel has 1 black, the school board has no blacks, the mayor is not black and the police chief is not black and the police force had only 3 blacks out of 53.

    Now this is not to say that blacks in all those positions would have made the gunning down of an unarmed black youths impossible. No. It is to say that if the fair black citizens of Ferguson had done their due diligence in voting and in civic involvement, then it is more likely—much more likely—that they would have had government officials more attuned with their wants, needs, hopes and aspirations such that a policeman—white or black—would not perceive a black youth with sagging pants as a thug and so ripe for gunning down. Or the police chief would not allow or order police to aim submachine guns (or were they machine guns?) at peaceful protestors as was done in Ferguson. The fair black citizens of Ferguson “sealed their fate” when they were asleep at the switch and eschewed and avoided voting and other civic involvement.

  5. “Under thinking kills your happiness” too. And it’s much more of a problem than over thinking. The problem that most people have is under thinking. Hence they find themselves in jail, unemployed and in various ways “up the creek without a paddle”. Think about it.

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