please go “home”

“everything you did brought you where you are now.
home.”bran stark to theon greyjoy,
game of thrones

that quote really stuck with me since last night’s episode.
i’ve been thinking about it all day.
for those who know theon’s arc on “game of thrones”,
you know what he got humbled in order to come “home”.
i remember reading a book called “the alchemist” a few years ago…

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Over Thinking Will Have Your Ass Stagnant In Your Forest

60839-Over-Thinking-Kills-Your-Happinessive been over thinking.
i’ll admit it.
ive also been letting irrelevant things get to me.
this job and just feeling stagnant being one of them.
over thinking + fear + depression =
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tumblr_n2na8vsTAp1rq7is2o1_500my life is all about signs.
“aha” moments,
if you will.
i’m starting to see that.
believe it.
actually listen to them.
so after the last entry,
i was kinda moody.
i wanted to get out of my head and watch something on tv.
so i went to “on demand” because i wanted to start watching,
“if loving you is wrong” from tyler perry.
when i got to the OWN section,
i noticed it wasn’t there.
okay fine.
i saw that oprah’s “super soul sunday” had some new episodes.
i always need my soul fixed by mama o.
i scrolled down and one caught my attention…
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