tumblr_n2na8vsTAp1rq7is2o1_500my life is all about signs.
“aha” moments,
if you will.
i’m starting to see that.
believe it.
actually listen to them.
so after the last entry,
i was kinda moody.
i wanted to get out of my head and watch something on tv.
so i went to “on demand” because i wanted to start watching,
“if loving you is wrong” from tyler perry.
when i got to the OWN section,
i noticed it wasn’t there.
okay fine.
i saw that oprah’s “super soul sunday” had some new episodes.
i always need my soul fixed by mama o.
i scrolled down and one caught my attention…

oprah had an interview with paulo coelho,
the author of “the alchemist”.

9780062315007_p0_v2_s260x420now i’ve seen many rappers talk about that book.
even will smith raved about it.
at the time i was getting bombarded with this book,
i was like “eh”.
well something told me to watch it today.
i went in my kitchen,
made some tea with two halls cough drops in it,
and came back and curled up in my bed.
church-dancing-oby the time the interview was done,
i already bought the book on my iPad to read.
163 pages.
i read up until part two and it was like my world changed.
everything this man spoke of,
everything i started reading in this book,
it was almost like the “aha” moments got louder and louder.
my parents both dying.
there is a reason why star fox was in my life.
there is a reason why my boss is such a raging bitch.
there is a reason that i haven’t been happy.
there is a reason why the wrong wolves came in my life.
there is a reason why i made this website.
everything is a reason.
i wasn’t meant to read the book before.
the message wasn’t ready for me.
i was suppose to start reading it now.
an hour ago.
on the day that i called out from work because i was sick.
the night before,
my heart was telling me call out,
but my brain was telling me to go to work.

see everything that happens,
the people in your life,
the situations you are in,
they are all signs to what your personal legend is.
i don’t want to give to much away,
but this is definitely a foxhole read.
just by part one of that book,
and his interview with oprah,
it made me say:

“WAIT WHAT?????”


now everyone isn’t ready for the message.
thats fine.
this book may not be what gives you your “aha” moment.
everyone’s life path is filled with their own diamonds and gold.
those who want to check it out,
please let me know what you think.
i’m excited to share “aha” moments!


x see all the OWN clips here on youtube

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “Aha.”

  1. I think the universe is telling me something…I always wanted to read this book, will check my local library and see if they have it.

    Oh, you are welcome…Lejuifnoir07 on Kellon’s IG is me lol AKA Zion. I was trying to play matchmaker you know. I told him to come check out the website and he immediately answered me back ” Oh Lord… what they talking about” lol. I told him not to worry that we all like him here. I think he was low key scarred though because you know how gay people can be ruthless online.

    I don’t want to rain on your Parade but I think the brother is a Fox or maybe a Hybrid but definitely not a Wolf..that’s just my opinion.

    1. ^yeah I don’t bite.

      … as far as him being whatever,
      if he is,
      I’ll def put into the universe that I want him or his wolf like version!
      thank you for going under his comments tho!
      I really appreciate it!

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