So She Diggin’, and Hoping, and Wishing, and Praying…

f5d799936783791cc6257eb4e15ab873so the new wolf at work has proved his loyalty

i was laying on my bed,
trying to keep my head from floating to the sky,
when the new wolf texted me and said:

“hey sorry to bother you.
boss lady is looking through your drawers.
she was also on your computer going through your outlook.
liar liar was talking to her for a while in the office.”

138519_originalum wtf???
what could she be possibly looking for in my desk?
this isn’t the first time i heard she was snooping.
has it come to this lady?
well she can look all she wants.
i guess she is trying to prove to herself that i am this horrible worker.
well unless i have an ratchet twin…
i never leave that job without making sure all my work is done.
while she is at it,
she should look through liar liar’s drawers and emails.
i’m almost positive she will find whatever it is she is looking for.
i swear these people are pushing me to be an entrepreneur.
let me hurry up and add this latest to my paper trail word document.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “So She Diggin’, and Hoping, and Wishing, and Praying…”

  1. People kill me with these types of tactics. It’s like, GET A LIFE! I really feel sorry for them at this point, because they have no clue that they’re just pushing you closer to your destiny. SMH…

  2. Sweetheart if you want respect you need to command it and if I were you I would have spoken to my boss privately and addressed these concerns with her and upper management of hers. This isn’t turning out to be a healthy work environment and I would point out that this is a business and that your there to bring value to the position. This bullshyt has to stop and the only way is to put your ducks in a row and be the one who documents all the bullshyt plus your managers then address it with upper management and HR. Hell even Mr. Green potentially

  3. Do you know who owns your company? If “management” harms you and you are doing your job, the owner or owners may want to know about how “management” is playing with his/her money.

  4. I never understood people like this In the work place either if your doing your job correctly why do they go through the trouble of wasting the energy to step outside of their lane to get into yours

    It seems like eago and jafar really have no lives they poison each other with jealousy and paranoia it’s really sad that they don’t see themselves for what they are

    Why doesn’t everyone understand that you come into work you do your job competently you get money you go home period!!!

    Ppl who conspire and plot like that are just lonely jealous people with no lives I mean does any of them have a man? Or something to go home too?

  5. So sorry you’re going thru this nothing like getting what you’ve preyed for, than have it turn into a mess(I’m going the same now with that baller wolf) I hope these hoes leave you alone

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