Desperate Times Call For Desperate Jackals

tumblr_inline_muyuuryDg71rqcq1bmy crush has left the building.
no seriously.
that fine wolf i liked in advertising is gone.
gone i tell ya!
i nearly wept.
usually i would see him come to my floor,
but for the last few weeks,
he was a no show.
it wasn’t until one of the jackal’s liar liar knows spilled the beans.
well broke the whole jar with a whole new kind of desperate

so when i got in today,
my boss said hardly anything to me.
she did say in a lowkey nasty tone:

“hello jamari”

…and walked into her office.
no “how are you feeling?”.
no “well at least yo ass in dead”.

she stayed in there the whole day pretty much.
ask me if i care?
so as i was doing work later in the day,
trying to mind my own business,
one of the jackals who works in hr walked up to talk to liar liar.
he is a black queen who is trying to play “straight”.
not working.
since she is pretty much close to my desk,
i heard the whole conversation.
he started going on about the fine wolf that left,
how much he had a crush on him as well,
how he thought he was secretly gay,
and how he admitted to low-key stalking him.
this jackal has been using his hr privileges to stalk this wolf.
even liar liar looked kind of disgusted.

“uh uh bitch don’t get fired!” – she said.

“girl i want him.
i know where he lives.
i’m going to get that.
watch.” – he said.


get a broken jaw if you show up at his door.
that wolf works out heavy.
now i will admit,
i crushed hard on some wolves before,
but i have never thought of stalking one.
i usually talk about them on here.
maybe even jack off to the thought of them fuckin’ me.
i guess when you have access to personal information,
you can pretty much do whatever ratchet shit you please.
its never really that serious.
i feel like these jackals do way too much now.
i thought it was bad when they were taping wolves showering at the gym,
but now they in hr being desperate as well.
not me.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “Desperate Times Call For Desperate Jackals”

  1. Smh it would’ve been easier for him to just strike up a conversation with him than do all of that.

    He wreaks of low self esteem.

    He obviously doesn’t feel he’s on dude’s level.

    1. ^exactly.
      i may have crushed on this wolf,
      but I’ll move on since it’s over.
      maybe we will meet later on in the streets,
      but once the next set of meat walks in the door,
      that crush is over lol

  2. LOL. This is just hilarious. Not only was he stalking the man, but he was dumb enough to tell one of his co-workers. Now ol girl is going to be watching him every time a new man is hired. People are so desperate.

  3. Yeah crushes fade pretty quickly. Like when their voices don’t match how they look, or they have a boring or vain personality, or an 11th toe. Lol

    My theory is its better to be more indifferent to a potential or have it be more of a slow burning attraction to strengthens as you get to know them.

    It’s damn near impossible to fulfill the expectations you have of someone when you’re lusting after them on sight and want to fuck them 20 ways from Sunday lol

  4. many of these stalkers fail to realize that many of these men they lust after don’t even swing that way and if they did a simple conversation of getting to know the man will give you hints…i usually just get to know people and eventually they give me a sign or they approach me…i just dont have the energy or time to be a stalker…I’m trying to SURVIVE ain’t no man worth all of that effort lol

  5. Yeah he’s about to get crushed in that face by that crush, stalking in a no no. Whenever I had a crush I just so happen to be in the right place at the right time to run into them.

  6. Wow, this queen will be the next one out the door, so him and the crush can job hunt together. I have worked in HR and they dont play about anyone’s personal information, because they can get sued. If someone finds out he said that, it’s over and I bet my bottom dollar, Liar Liar is going to find a way to get his ass in trouble for this. These queens are going to learn that these females do not like it when you blatantly tell them about your male crushes, I am sure she see’s this dude as nothing but competition, and she is whore anyway, and these hoes aint loyal to nobody. For her to say something about him possibly getting fired, she is already plotting.She will probably use him to find out info on whatever married wolf she is bedding or wants to bed and then throw him under the bus when she dont need to use him anymore. Watch both of them J because they may be looking in your personnel file trying to gather info on you.

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