David Mcintosh Is Single and Ready To Mingle?

tumblr_ncqkk6cIA41r7993do1_500…especially when you put up #thirsttrap shots like ^so.
david posted another one for effect as well…

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 7.38.30 PM…with each shot getting 1.8k views already.
looks like someone’s stock is up!
30w4h93see more thirst traps: instagram

Author: jamari fox

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11 thoughts on “David Mcintosh Is Single and Ready To Mingle?”

  1. You gotta love David man. Not only is he gorgeous, but he has a great personality and comes off as very outgoing and open.

    If he really wants to mingle, I’m available.

  2. As much as I lust…umm LOVE Mr. McIntosh, these pics don’t do much for me. The unshaven look doesn’t suit him. LOL

  3. He had posted a pic on his Instagram about 2 weeks ago of him and a guy on his lap fully made up and waving a wig. It looked like it was at a pool party

  4. David’s ex girlfriend told his fiance that he has being sleeping with the ex,Sarah Harper,throughout the entire relationship with Kelly.Now Sarah claims David threaten to kill her.There is a new story everday in British tabloids.He mentions it in the IG post with text message from tabloid The Sun reporter.It’s a Hot Mess

  5. Ok lets get this straight, David is a narcicist and we can enjoy that as he knows he has a desirable body that both MEN and WOMEN drool over. He also knows that he has MORE male followers than women, his pics are all over men’s gay blogs and sites but he is kool. Never heard him complain. What I also think he knows is that him shedding that white fox is good PR for him and his stock has just increased. If he is smart he uses his time to capitalize on his value before hitching up with another bimbo as frankly unless he has growing skin, I am afraid when some of the gays sees his dick, his value will plumette!

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