A Hug On A Gay Also Makes David McIntosh Gay (Logic?)

so the foxhole dragged david mcintosh good ‘n’ proper a while ago.
( x his trump supporting ) didn’t go over well with all of us.
well i will come to his defense on the following issue.
so industry on blast posted this picture of david at miami pride.
this is the picture and caption

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David McIntosh May Be For Trump (Still Would Let Smash?)

what’s happening with david mcintosh?
ever since this presidential election,
folk’s favs been giving no fucks.
an f-bi wanted me to see a collection of tweets from david today.
his first tweet that started it all appeared to been this:

…and then all hell broke loose
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David Mcintosh Wants To Work Your Tail Out

Screen Shot 2015-12-24 at 3.08.37 PMtwo of my favorite picture taking wolves.
quinten benard and david mcintosh.
look at god.
look at what he does.
anyway lets get into david mcintosh.
so who knew he was a personal trainer?
well he is!
i know!
he wants to show you how you can get a tail like his.
he posted this on ig recently…
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did david mcintosh get some pipe leakage?

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 6.24.32 AM

who is ready for some mid sized little friday ratchetness?
i am!
i am!
so king david mcintosh allegedly got got.
an f-bi alerted me that a tumblr named “walls0fjericho got a hold of king david’s alleged nudes.
you know i had to post this before i went to work.
well you be the judge if this is really david or not...

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David Mcintosh Is Single and Ready To Mingle?

tumblr_ncqkk6cIA41r7993do1_500…especially when you put up #thirsttrap shots like ^so.
david posted another one for effect as well…
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David Mcintosh is Now “McSingle”

davidmcinsinglewell everyone the bells from heaven have rung.
super sexy model wolf,
david mcintosh is now single.
a vix-bi sent me word a few minutes ago.
the snow bunny dropped him and made the announcement on twitter.
as you should,
ya know…
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