A Hug On A Gay Also Makes David McIntosh Gay (Logic?)

so the foxhole dragged david mcintosh good ‘n’ proper a while ago.
( x his trump supporting ) didn’t go over well with all of us.
well i will come to his defense on the following issue.
so industry on blast posted this picture of david at miami pride.
this is the picture and caption


we need to stop doing “that”.
david has always claimed his straightness.
he has also been very supportive of the gay community.
things like that caption further make straights uncomfortable.
it releases the floodgates of homophobia as well.
so when straight wolves come around,
they won’t even stand next to us.
god forbid someone snaps a picture.
it makes those stay deep in the closet of their own self hate.
we claim we want “dl” to be comfortable
well these captions and dl hunting expeditions don’t help.
i think i’ve done it on occasion and i’ll definitely stop.
the foxhole can call me on it if i do in the future.
i want you all to stop as well.

if one of our straight wolf brothers is comfortable in his own skin,
don’t question his sexuality because he is cool being around gays.

coming from a community that is use to slander,
we should know better.
everyone is straight UNTIL proven gay.
some of these straights are playing a good “gay” nowadays.

…am i wrong?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

24 thoughts on “A Hug On A Gay Also Makes David McIntosh Gay (Logic?)”

  1. The thing I love about David is that he doesn’t seem to give a fuck! He’s holding that man like he’s ready for whatever. Like he didn’t do the typical “hang on arm on the dude’s shoulder” / “sup bro” man-hug. Nope! He settled for “prom pic pose with bae” hug. I love it!

    1. Fee, the lady who runs Fameolous.ent, claims that Industry on Blast is run by women not gay men.I had heard that rumor about gay men running it and was wondering why it was so anti Gay.She knows a lot of the people that run these gossip pages because they are always feuding about who gets credit for breaking stories.She is always feuding with The Shade Room and a couple of other sites/pages.Hollywood Unlocked is founded by a gay man,Jason Lee.

      IOB is always trolling a few days ago they said Milan Christopher was heterosexual.Today they claim he is bisexual.On his page he tells people he is gay.

  2. What in the hell is that man wearing?

    Well anyway, David has always been gay friendly. However, I have questioned his sincerity because the straights love to profit off of gays. However, it needs to understood that every straight man is not going to be homophobic. People cannot even take innocent pictures or perform at a pride event without being accused of shit.

  3. Well somehow IOB did not like, David has had sex with transgender women not once I think
    Jason Lee is friend with him and he said it on their Hollywood unlocked YouTube
    I don’t know how he identifies himself but I don’t know if somebody sleeping with transgender women can call themselves straight

    1. Haha! Bk, I was just about to post this. He was also interviewed on Hollywood Unlocked and he said he was straight so who knows.

      It seems like Transgenders always get the fine wolves. I remember working security at a gay pride event and I saw this fine ass wolf and I actually went up and talked to him, only for him to tell me he was straight. I was like, out of 2000 men, I had to like the straight one? At the end of the night, I watched him walk out with this trans woman, all over her. Then last week, at the gym, there was this hot bodybuilder with his gf who was also happened to be trans.

    2. BISEXUALS DON’T IDENTIFY AS GAY. See that’s just it more of the 35 and under crowd hates labels and too often people ask the wrong question. “Are you gay?” would 98.9% of the time be answered more honestly if the interviewers/bloggers asked are you open, free-spirited sexually, fluid, or of all your partners would you say they were more the sexy felines than the annihilating male lion (LOL).

  4. I’m dumbfounded, they actually let this dude headline act at Sizzle Miami after his anti woman rights belief. Although he showed support this weekend, I’m glad I have straight friends that are gay friendly and supportive. Also they don’t mind to know about the lifestyle and dulving into the culture. Hell, I was talking to one of my fine ass colleagues about being a bottom, and he was not grossed out about the details and wanted to know more. He even wants to go to a gay bar with me, just because the patron would buy him drinks.

    1. ^i like that my!

      i like when the straights are asking us questions.
      straight males can make very good friends if they are comfortable.
      nothing worse than one who is uncomfortable,
      but trying to make it work.
      keep on educating him!

  5. Straight, gay, “gay friendly” (please), He’s still a prick. Not buying what he’s selling. Arrogant doofus men are a turn off.

    1. This population doesn’t care about any of that as long as he’s light skinned, showing his abs, and tolerates them.

      You really think someone with his views on women’s rights is really down with the LGBT community? He’s being paid. Money is the motivation. Lol

      1. Well I don’t think that, I’m not stupid enough to be duped. These clowns are too predictable. They only “support” us or are “friendly” to us because we’re paying up (well I’m not paying jack so count me out lol).

        That archetype is so played out (I know, I’m probably the only corny one that actually cares about a man with a brain and a job, and some good values) I must be an alien. I’d rather that than be a fool. Again, arrogance is a turn off, I’ve been echoing this point forever: give me a normal, humble guy over any of the roided up posers, ANY day. If your job is posing on the internet, I’m over it. Lol.

    2. Actually, although David definitely does make a lot of money from headlining LGBTQ+ events, he still shows huge support for the community. I was with a few friends at a club and we met him. He wasn’t working for the club or earning any money but when we told him we were huge fans he just beamed and was glad of it. He was happy to chat and dance with us for a while and we are all obviosuly gay and very feminine but it didn’t phase him. One of my friends even tried to get with him but David didn’t get mad, he just pushed him away gently and said ‘sorry man, I don’t swing that way’. He was very pleasant and I didn’t expect someone so hot to be that nice

  6. Regardless of what anyone says this picture brings things into question.
    Even if it was a woman in front instead of a man it looks suspicious and it looks like they have something going on.
    There is no one in here that if they saw there significant other draped around another man or woman would not question it.
    HELL some of you have caught charges for text messages let alone a pic like this.
    To me this has nothing to do with masculinity or being homophobic. This picture is inappropriate unless you are a straight, gay, bi or tri couple.

    1. I disagree. David Macintosh makes a LOT of his coins from the gay community. Keep in mind that he is not an entrepeneur, so he’s not selling products and services. That photo doesn’t confirm anything in regards to his oreintation and it isn’t inappropriate. He’s at Sizzle. He sells an image and a look of masculinity that the gay community adores. Political views and opinions be damned. Why would he isolate his core audience to make it seem as if he’s disinterested or standoffish? He may be a prick but he’s not stupid.

  7. David is from the UK. So that may explain some of his “No fucks given” persona when it comes to the gheys. I personally believe he is very heterosexual, and I’m glad that he’s comfortable being among homosexual men (even though it’s part of how he earns his coins).

    Sidenote: R&B artist Tank also performed shirtless at Sizzle. The clips are on Instagram and other social media sites.

    1. Tank wasn’t at Sizzle he was at DC Pride.Jamari posted the videos of him on the post”Milan Christopher is Bringing The Straights (Tank) to Us”

      1. That’s funny that you skipped over that entry because of Milan I wonder how many other people did that.Lol 😂

  8. He’s handsome, I won’t deny that but I stopped following him a while back. I found his IG clips a bit disturbing. He was always ranting and talking very fast. I was like is this dude on something?! LOL

    He wasn’t, but it seemed like he was.

  9. i PROMISE I have lived a life of The Creator keeping me when I damn sho’ don’t wanna be kept, cause ioun giva damn whether he or 99% of the NFL is ‘straight’ I just need them to COMPLY!

    Rock on, David! Grown AF… cause umma curve on em.

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