David McIntosh May Be For Trump (Still Would Let Smash?)

what’s happening with david mcintosh?
ever since this presidential election,
folk’s favs been giving no fucks.
an f-bi wanted me to see a collection of tweets from david today.
his first tweet that started it all appeared to been this:

…and then all hell broke loose

not in any particular order:





















david was much better when all he did was this:


i had to ask if he got hacked?
what would posses him to he even do alla that?
he damn near went against both of his fan bases.
there is a way to give your opinion without coming off ignorant.
david succeeded in being the opposite.


*video credited raphaelwear.com

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

40 thoughts on “David McIntosh May Be For Trump (Still Would Let Smash?)”

  1. He wasn’t hacked. He’s shown support on his facebook as well that’s why I stopped following him.and I think the rest of the gay community needs to stop supporting this trash as well, because let’s be honest his fan base is mostly gay men. There are plenty of other attractive men out there. There’s no need to continue to give support to this piece of shit

      1. I’m sure there will still be some thirsty ass gays who will still support him because he’s attractive and that’s the only thing that matters to them. What I find funny is he’s trying to come for gay porn stars as if they don’t have a right to voice their opinion meanwhile he’s just a model whose dick and ass is all over the internet. I hope all these gay photographers and venues take notice and stop booking his ass

      2. KJD You tell em! If this guy was some had some distinguished career, maybe he can justify his attack on any porn star, but seeing as he’s a glorified prostitute himself, he’s not one to talk.
        Regarding his opinions, well, he’s entitled, and as you said, we’re all entitled to not like him and not support him. I will take that route and keep it steppin. He’s not all that, but from now on, I’ll make the conscious effort to skip any content related to him, but being that he’s “entitled”, well, here’s my “entitled” opinion about him.

        This is the type of idiot that doesn’t know the definition of a real or strong man, yet he’s using his platform to spread false truths about masculinity. Even by his own definition of masculinity, he wouldn’t even fit the bill, being a pretty boy model posing nude with his ass out for-let’s be real- men. Is that what your version of a strong man does David? You seem confused. “Weak males” GTFOH. They’re way more masculine than you’ll ever be. Those weak men have jobs that they’ve had to work hard for, many of them have children they’re trying to support who support what their wives, sisters, cousins, mothers etc. have to go through when it comes to pregnancy. What would a “man” like you know about REAL people with REAL struggles, who LACK resources?Bye.

    1. But the gag is, I NEVER FOLLOWED HIM! So with that said, he’s irrelevant to me and I prefer low-key males over the ones who have way too many vixens, foxes, and hybrids chasing after him. *sips tea*

  2. Well Damn I didnt see that one coming, I guess we got tricked by the Devil, it is easy to do when a man is nice looking with muscles. He is done if he pisses off his gay fan base and from the tone of these tweets he seems to be calling them out without coming out and saying the Gays. The snow gays are going to cook his goose and it is so funny most of his videos when he is talking is of him doing these stereotypical gay characters, he really plays up to his gay fan base but I guess it is all an act. He sounds like the Gio dude, these dudes can shake their ass and make money off of gay dudes but secretly think of them as trash. I wouldnt be surprise if Mcintosh is in too deep and maybe has been doing some strange things for change and may be conflicted. If I am not mistaken he is either owner or co-owner of a new underwear line and to piss off your fan base is beyond stupid. I guess 2017 is going to be a continuation of bringing people to the light about what they are really about.

  3. I seen his post and immediately unfollowed. I didn’t get the chance to see all his other tweets and post. Just disgusting.

  4. I got an issue.

    I LOVE when people tell you how they really feel about you/your religion/your skin color/your orientation when their mad or get called out. David Macintosh is an attentionisto that was put on BECAUSE of the gay community and you got the audacity to say that Chase Coxx isn’t gonna be heard because he does gay porn? What’s the difference between David and Chase when all it takes is a couple of hundreds for David to go gay for a “client”. You have morals and so conservative, but you always half naked on the Gram and ya nudes are all over Tumblr? Please miss me with the bullshit this evening.

    I personally don’t believe that women should have abortions, but I believe that we live in a country that you are free to do as you please. If a woman decides on an abortion, suffer it to be so. That’s between her and the Lord.

    1. FashionandSvedka I think it’s fine that you have that opinion, an opinion like that I can respect, because you were respectful about it. My opinion on abortion opposes yours, and that’s OKAY because I can respect your opinion. David though? An absolute clown and disrespected literally 3 huge demographics with his opinion. Men, gay people, women, and you can even throw in porn stars in the mix as well. NOT COOL.

      Like Jamari said, there’s a way to have an opinion (even if it’s controversial or opposing the norm) without being disrespectful. His rhetoric on liberals vs. conservatives is just false. He was out of line, people came to put him in check, that’s not exclusive to liberals, in fact it’s quite the contrary, and he’s the one who started his own conflict for NO reason. There are such things as BAD opinions, that’s why that Burell person him are getting attacked. Let’s say he was right about what he’s saying, even if he was, no one can get past the inflammatory behaviour, so what’s the point? Answer? There is NONE.

      1. And that’s def whats up. I usually don’t speak on hotbutton issues because not a lot of people understand my thought process or attack when I don’t go along with the status quo. How a woman or man chooses to live his/her life has nothing to do with me. When its time to be lined up and judged on the Last Day, I can’t answer for no one else but me, and vice versa. In America, one should be able to explore the possibilities of one’s life without fear of persecution. Good talk Dignified.

      2. I understand. I can accept that we may not agree on a topic, I think having intellectual dialog is so important from both sides to be able to find a compromise, but unfortunately, there aren’t enough intelligent humans in power to make compromises or any sort of difference. Everyone just wants to blame and oppress the opposition without having any real discussion or debate.

        A really important lesson I learned a long time ago is to accept when you can disagree with someone, and still judge them for their merit. Daniel Mc. and that Burell person used their platforms as a means to attack 1 or more demographics without instigating any real dialog between the two sides. As much as they’re “entitled” to whatever loose cannon opinions they might have, they are just as entitled to whatever backlash they get for being disrespectful, so the fault is theirs, not for their opinions, but for being out of line. The majority of people fail to understand this.

        I say that to say that I agree, and a VERY important point you made about THEM having to answer to God (if they believe, that is) on their judgment day.People need to think like this more. It’s not up to me, you, or other people to persecute other people for actions that has nothing to do with themselves. If they believe in God so much, then trust that God will handle it! It’s like people don’t even know their own religion or something..okay I’ll stop. Cheers!

  5. Naw, this can’t be? Is this the same guy that went as a performer @ Sizzle Miami. No way, and I know Dwight will kick his ass off this year. Now if sources our true, he is a hypocrite talking and offending our ppl with these sentiments and,”Yes” we should take our gay dollars else where. I am not for this and will not condone such. I hope this is a hack cause boy is done!!!

  6. i always knew that guy was dumb as fuck, typical all muscles no brains at all…i wanna fight him (Catch me Outside How Bout Dah)

  7. If you watch his IG vids, he seems a a bit “off” like he is high on something. Reading these exchanges was a big ass turn off. He has lost his appeal, and he’s looking to be relevant. As sexy as I used to think he was…I’m done.

  8. After reading several of his tweets, I unfollowed him immediately!!! Good looking guy, but dumb as rocks and have probably lost a lot of his core fans. Oh well, words do hurt and can cause a lost of income!!!

    1. Not necessarily, but it’s more the audacity of the bashing coming from someone who is nearly the same thing. It’s one of those “look in the mirror” type of things. Coming from him, it’s almost ironic to trash any gay person nor a porn star, because he might as well be that. Who is he to judge others for showing their asses when that’s his job do? He doesn’t deserve a soap box in his position.

    2. I think it had more to do with the way he came at him. He came at Chase for being a gay porn actor and told him to go eat some ass, that came off rude and homophobic. It’s ironic this is the same man that has been to loads of gay events such as Sizzle around gay males and gay porn actors.

  9. I have no problem with someone voicing an opinion that doesn’t agree with mine I just don’t think he voiced it in a very respectable way or in a way that made any sense. His thoughts on abortion came off very cold and dumb. Planned parenthood provides more than just having the option for abortions.

    For him to come at Chase Coxxx for being a gay porn actor is beyond stupid. Just because he does that for A living doesn’t make his opinion less Valid. You are someone who we know for only having a good-looking face and a banging body that’s it. You want to come online and weed out your only two fan bases which are women and gay man to be honest you’re gay male Fanbase is bigger than your woman’s Fanbase.

  10. He’s killing me, instantly lost so much appeal.
    He has the good looking, meathead act down perfectly. I mean he’s talking about being alpha, belittling gay men, and practically mocking women. He must be channeling his inner Stacey Dash or Trump, I hope he knows it doesn’t work when you don’t have the privilege of being a pretty woman or white male.

  11. As that famous saying goes, β€œIt is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.”

    1. Pretty much. I never follow any of these dudes. I just observe them because they are mannequins. Dressed up to look appealing but the interior is clearly fake.

  12. And if he were a true alpha male, then he would own the company that hired other males to take their clothes off instead of himself. Just another pretty face failing to stay in their lane. It’s hilarious.

  13. First off where is that Messy Sheree gif because it describes myself perfectly. Lol

    An idiot will always reveal himself eventually. I’m not shocked at all frankly. This is a man that shows off man panties on the daily and flirts with gay men (and maybe even more on the low) to pay bills all under the guise of being “accepting”.

    I see the way he flirts with men (mainly that blogger Jason) on Instagram in his comments and it screams “scammer that’ll say whatever to get over”, but he’s just like how most of you all like em “high yellow and tatted”.

    Keep your opinions in the U.K. sir. Only a dummy would think the March was only about abortion rights.

    One has a right to be against abortion. Don’t have one if you’re against it, but unless you’re carrying someone else’s child for 9 months and raising it and contributing financially your beliefs have nothing to do with anyone else.

  14. Lmao and at least the pornstar isn’t an ambiguous tease like his ass. Conservatives would call him a sex worker too lol

  15. Some people need to just be quiet and look pretty, he is one of them. Shut up, nobody cares what you have to say. Especially with that accent.

    And as a previous poster stated, he doesn’t have that White male privilege of “bouncing back” whenever shit goes awry (ex. see: Justin Bieber caught saying “nigger” and then having a platinum album and sold out world tour a few years later).
    David better hope this blows over his head because if it doesn’t, he might just have to resort to doing gay porn himself just to make ends meet.

  16. You guys kill me. You out here trying to justify this dudes actions and dumb slightly homophobic comments by asking if he was hacked. Stop. You just want his dick in your ass and have this fantasy that the perfect man exists as long as he looks like this guy or obj or another brown skin muscle guy. Get over it bitches

  17. I am surprised that he would utter these words from his twitter fingers. That just goes to show that people will do anything for a coin. He is making pocket change to play with the “girls” but running bashing the gays in private. Yall cant get mad at him now for showing his true colors. Lesson Learned.

  18. I don’t know this man or anything about him. By reading his comments I do know he is someone I would not care to know! Good Looks are not everything. It is fine to have an opinion about anything and it can be voiced with respect to those who do not feel as you do.
    I am in health care and I don’t believe in Abortion and I do not assist in them. But I also feel strongly that I do not have a right to tell a Woman what to do with her own body, that is between her and this universe. That is my opinion.
    I am a gay black man and I am proud of who I am and I will not support anyone who does not respect that. If he makes money off of our community and was bold enough to throw stones, he has proven to me that in spite of his good looks he is a dumb man. He has no appeal to me at all.

  19. No one bothered to check him on his comments against Chase?! I don’t do Twitter but I would’ve put it out there that you coming at him…when you out here shaking your ass and dick in the faces of many gay men at circuit parties and clubs! God knows how many men he probably has fucked or been fucked by for money.

    1. He clearly blocks and delete comments. That’s why there’s no negative comments up there on his IG. Trust me, I’m sure people came at him.

  20. Well, he is now crossed off of my list. Y’all who are thirsty for him can have him and his beliefs. It is already bad that he is a Trump supporter, but to make his comments about the march is a whole different situation altogether. SMH. As others have said, he does seems to be capitalizing off of the gay community.

  21. Such a shame. Can I no longer lust after his tight lean muscled ass with a clear conscience anymore. The contempt and antipathy dripping from his words are now captured in memorian. Goodbye you beautiful idiot! πŸ˜”

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