Do Draya and Orlando Scandrick Need A Room?

draya was clearly on that henny during her birthday party last night.
she nearly devoured her baller wolf,
orando scandrick,
on her red carpet…

 he looked so uncomfortable.
even though she was being extra,
i don’t blame her.
^that is what you should be doing to your wolf.
when i’m alone with my wolf,
he can expect my paws and mouth to be all over him.
it was draya’s birthday and she was feeling nice.
that’s her baller wolf and she wanted that pipe.

i don’t see an issue.
happy birthday draya!

lowkey: i’m still laughing how she was licking his neck.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “Do Draya and Orlando Scandrick Need A Room?”

  1. Yea, I would have been upset as well. That kind of public affection is not really my thing. It is all about understanding your partner and knowing what they are comfortable with, not to mention respecting boundaries. If I were him, we probably would have had an argument about that later that night.

  2. Yes he is uncomfortable BUT it is his woman and she is not beating him or something, so what is the real issue here? Hell i’ve done some really ridiculous things in public too. I’m sure he’s fine and he fucked the shit out of her that night. It’s really not that deep. Jay smash bey ass hard once on stage and you can see by her look that she wasn’t expecting that. But she didn’t die.

  3. If You Listen and read his lips he is saying stop it, and he is trying to push her leg down. Some things are public and some things are private. He is uncomfortable. Just my Observation.

  4. Jamari here’s what I hate about you. You of course take the women’s side and say u don’t see a problem with it. But how about being a man for once. Anyone who looks uncomfortable probably is. Damn. If you’re that thirst I’m sure there’s a bar nearBy. Stop playin into stereotypes about gay men Jamari. Damn we all know u love your ( insert any minority man with abs ) but damn sometimes your articles are just ridiculous as hell.

      1. Also just because your with someone doesn’t mean u own them. Fiancée husband wife child. Doesn’t matter bro

  5. For real, thats me tonight waiting for that D to be put on me by the hulk. I bet she sex her wolf every nite and thats an order! Damn she look like a stripa on a pole, gurl you betta work it till it fall off.

  6. I love Draya. Even when she tried to delete her hoeness lol she glowed up in front of our eyes(literally and figuratively). Getting her own coins and keeping it classy

    1. YES!!! Draya’s glow up is so real!! Better than Nene Leakes IMO. Nene still got some ratchet in her lol

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