I Care (How Fucked Up Everything is Right Now)

so remember when i said:

“no more caring?”

who knew God would answer that so fast?

the only difference is i am failing.
when i wrote that entry ( x see it here ),
i was going well.
i did everything i said i was gonna do.
but a few days later,
God kicked things up a notch to test me if i was really bout it.
so much shit popped up with the simple question:

“Is this something to care about?”

…and of course,
i said “yes” to everything.
i feel bad because i didn’t have no follow through.
i allowed so much things to put me in my feelings.
things in all areas are bad right now,
not awful,
but they’re bad because i put all of my emotions into them.
i don’t know how to step out of that.
now it is backfiring.

Is it too late to start over?

8 thoughts on “I Care (How Fucked Up Everything is Right Now)

  1. It’s not too late to change it’s just going to be a long road for those of us like this. We are going to have setbacks but I think it’s important to celebrate the small wins and battle before we look to winning the wars. So instead of looking to changing ourselves automatically let’s be proud of ourselves and let’s be proud of ourselves when we take baby steps and start off small. Even saying no to one thing out of the others you said yes to is a step in the right direction worth honoring.

  2. I thing we are kinda the same, we want to say IDGAF so bad, and somettimes we actually do, but most of the time we care a lot, too much, even about things we should not. I think you should just accept that this is who you are, you’re a caring person. Sometimes it will hurt you badand deep but you have to take it and keep going. Don’t force yourself to not care just because you wanna be safe, it doesn’t work. Trust God, you’ll be ok no matter what.

    1. ^i reallllllllly appreciate this.
      i have to figure out how to make that work for me and not have hurt feelings.
      thank you for this comment Louis.
      when i try to be anything more than who i am,
      i end up failing.

      thanks to everyone who shared comments and thoughts as well!

  3. Stay on your grind homie! Keep your head up and soldier up. Egypt nor Rome was built in a day.

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