MC Lyte Has An Announcement

this is why you can’t “assume” these days.
so mc lyte had an announcement the other day.
she found love in a hopeless place!
i said “hopeless place”.
this is who she found love with…

okay now see…
i ASSUMED she was a lesbian.
  when i saw this wolf pop up in this picture,
of course,
i was shocked af.
this is why we shouldn’t judge those because of the outside.
the straights do it all the time.
there are feminine straight wolves out here getting plenty of pussy.
in the same breath,
there are masculine UN-detecable gays/bis out here too.
i pray that mc lyte has a happy relationship with this wolf.
like all of us,
she deserves her blessings.

lowkey: i love how she has been working steady.
she stay employed as the voice on all the bet award shows.
queen and her will always get their respect.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “MC Lyte Has An Announcement”

  1. Now I remember when she and Tichina Arnold were hot and heavy in the 90’s. My My how things have changed. Anyway good for her. We all hope to find love in this crazy world. Love to Love regardless of gender. I gotta work on my underhanded shady comments. They are so not nice.

      1. I’m a 80’s baby but yeah “Her & Pam”. They use to live together for a minute and word on the street is they were special roommates! Have I ever given you bad info Mr. Foxx?

  2. Lyte is or was a Scientologist.I remember seeing her on the cover of their celebrity magazine.She is about as straight as John Travolta is when he is not groping male massage therapists.
    Lyte lived with Tichina and I think she dated Monifah.
    I heard about this guy who she met through online dating when she was on “Oprah’s Where are they now” back in December.
    Good Luck

    1. No No Queen Latifah Dated Monifah. And from what i understand she was a little rough with Monifah as well. Remember the Terrence Dean Book “Hiding In Hip Hop” when he talked about this female actress/ rapper that snatch her girlfriend outside the club. He said that in most circles she carries herself as Queen and you would never believe by how she was acting that this was the same person.

      1. 0K I got my “lady loving” rappers mixed up.Lyte may be bisexual but I heard many stories about her at lesbian clubs thru the years.I think she has always been private and discreet.That’s why I was shocked when she showed his pic on a tv show back in December.She also said her family really likes him.

      2. #TRUTH Mr. Steal Yo Girl Kang Latifah dated Monifah and was heavy handed at times. I know one of Monifah’s stylists from back in her hair day and it is true. That is why Monifah kind of disappeared for a second and she dated Theresa Weatherspoon former WNBA player.

  3. I still rock that joint “Rough Neck”! Used to smash to it with a high school regular…Baller. 9thvgrafe..Lol So glad for u, Outs…One of the reeeaaal female Mac’s!!!

  4. sexuality is fluid no one knows all that she’s attracted to being with the same gender doesn’t mean that you can’t find love elsewhere. Both tge str8 and gay black communitie are quick to put you in a bix especially the LGBT wirh all its rules and titles top, bttm, vers etc lol. in 2017 do you and be happy everyone because we deserve love…

    1. I would argue that the LGBT community more adopted those boxes that were designed by non LGBT as the norm, but yes, I agree with your statement.

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